KAUST startup Edama opens 1st-of-its-kind waste recycling facility in Saudi Arabia

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Edama Organic Solutions, an organic waste recycling King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) startup, has officially opened its new recycling facility, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia.

Located in the KAUST Research and Technology Park, the facility offers technology that provides waste processing and desert agriculture solutions.

All waste currently generated in Saudi Arabia is sent to landfills, where it represents a threat to the environment and public health, and is an economic burden on public administrations and businesses. Organic waste constitutes about 65 percent of the country’s discarded matter.

Waste buildup produces hazardous greenhouse gasses like methane that pollute the air and react with other waste types, creating harmful byproducts such as leachate, a contaminated liquid that pollutes underground soil and water sources.

According to the statement, “Edama’s technology combats this, mastering the delicate biology in the composting process to transform organic waste into high-value products for desert agriculture, tree plantation, and land restoration projects.”

The new facility, developed in collaboration with KAUST Facility Management, will recycle 100 percent of the university’s food and green waste, producing about 4,500 m3 of high-quality soil improver with great benefits for local sandy soils.

Dr. Sabrina Vettori, Edama Organic Solutions CEO, and co-founder stated that, “At Edama, we believe that sustainable development of our cities can be achieved through efficient management of our resources. By turning organic waste into a resource for restoring our soils, we contribute to improving water management, increase desert agriculture productivity and enable the realization of land restoration and tree plantation projects.”

“We’re delighted to see the growth and scale of Edama Organic Solutions since their inception at KAUST and this milestone of their first facility opening. This will change how KAUST recycles organic waste and reshape the future of waste management in the Kingdom,” said Dr. Kevin Cullen, vice president of KAUST Innovation.

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