Madayn inaugurates 2 development projects at Al Mazunah Free Zone

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Madayn inaugurates projects at Al Mazunah Free Zone
Rep.Image | Courtesy: Madayn

Oman’s Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (Madayn), has inaugurated the Al Mazunah Free Zone Development project, ‘Phase 1 “Package 2”, and Phases 2 and 3’, and the Facility Building project.

This comes as part of the Secretariat General of National Celebrations (SGNC) program to inaugurate key national projects. The inauguration ceremony was held under the auspices of Eng. Ahmed Hassan Al Dheeb, Deputy Chairman of the Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones (Opaz).

These milestones reflect Madayn’s ongoing commitment to enhancing infrastructure and positioning the Al Mazunah Free Zone as a vital economic center in alignment with Oman Vision 2040.

Mr. Said Zabnoot, Director of Investor Services at Al Mazunah Free Zone, said that Madaynhas completed the implementation of the Al Mazunah Free Zone development project. The project covers a total area of 1.5 million sqm, with a total cost reaching $16 million. “The developed area of the free zone now spans 3 million sqm out of a total area exceeding 15 million sqm. The developed lands are ready for investment and equipped with basic services,” Mr. Zabnoot pointed out.

Al Mazunah Free Zone Development project

The project includes the development of a 15.5-km road network, along with a 20.1-km sewage drainage system equipped with inspection rooms and interconnected to a 600-cubic-metre collection tank. Additionally, the project comprises the establishment of water supply networks and fire extinguishing systems spanning 13.6km and the construction of water tanks, 1,200 cubic meters (underground) and 700 cubic meters (above-ground). The project also incorporates the installation of street lighting with electrical connections for 402 columns, and the construction of a building dedicated to truck driver rest facilities.

Mr. Zabnoot added that this project underscores Madayn’s dedication to realizing the strategic vision of transforming the free zone into a thriving free economic zone, thereby bolstering its regional competitiveness in attracting global investments. Madayn is committed to forging collaborative ties with the private sector to foster infrastructure and superstructure development, complemented by a range of exemptions and facilities and establish a solid foundation for cooperation efforts with both official bodies and businesses at local and regional levels.

Additionally, Madayn undertakes significant efforts to streamline the investment process and procedures at the free zone through Masar Service Centre and Eddah System.

In efforts to elevate logistical services, Madayn has successfully acquired a global code (OMAMZ), designating Al Mazunah Dry Port as a final destination for both incoming and outgoing goods in the free zone. Demonstrating a commitment to upholding the security and safety of the facilities in the free zone, a security system has been implemented, equipped with the latest surveillance devices. Madayn has also implemented a system to monitor and oversee truck movements, exercising control over entry and exit operations.

Mr. Zabnoot informed that Al Mazunah Free Zone has witnessed a vibrant year of commercial activities with a total of 18,624 commercial transactions being completed in 2023. Over the past five years, Al Mazunah Free Zone has attracted and localized 220 diverse projects spanning industrial, commercial, and logistics sectors.

Notably, the free zone has entered into an agreement for the management of customs services within the customs area of the free zone (land port), and another agreement for service management and operation with Nafith Company. Moreover, the local workforce from the wilayat of Al Mazyunah has undergone thorough training, equipping them to proficiently manage port operations and control gates.

Planning for the future development of the free zone, Madayn is set to establish an integrated residential city, develop Phase 4, and attract companies specializing in a variety of services such as currency exchange, banks, and shipping. Concurrently, efforts are underway to organize trade exhibitions to boost commercial activities.

Facility Building project

On his part, Eng. Ahmed Al Balushi, Project Engineer at Shumookh Investment and Services, Madayn’s investment arm, stated that the Facility Building at Al Mazunah Free Zone aims to provide a variety of services to investors, business owners, operating companies and visitors to the free zone. Covering 11,000 sqm at a cost of approximately $9 million, this four-storey building features spaces for management offices, financial services and banks, commercial shops, cafes, restaurants, business offices, and multipurpose halls, in addition to 300 parking spaces.

“The building aims to deliver essential services, elevate the image of the free zone, and offer spaces to catalyze investment opportunities. Expected outcomes include increased commercial activity, improved service quality, and enhanced productivity, all within the free zone, as it caters to employees and investors without requiring them to leave the free zone,” Mr. Al Balushi said.

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