Oman’s OPAZ inks cooperation pact with Industrial Innovation Academy

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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OPAZ- Industrial Innovation Academy Cooperation
Officials during the signing ceremony

Oman’s Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones (OPAZ) has signed a cooperation program with the Industrial Innovation Academy in order to strengthen cooperation between the two entities.

Through the program, both parties seek to boost the local added value in special economic, free, and industrial zones affiliated with OPAZ.

Furthermore, they intend to empower the zones with various programs, which the academy will conduct along with other endeavors.

Moreover, the two parties will provide an integrated program focusing on localization, training, and qualification services for the zones affiliated with OPAZ, by developing and reviewing employment plans for companies requesting additional workforce and submitting proposals in this regard to OPAZ labor licensing employees.

In addition, the training and localization plans will be evaluated to ensure their effectiveness.

According to the statement, these programs will allow OPAZ and the academy to capitalize on their competencies, improve the efficiency of national cadres, and empower existing industries in the different zones.

The cooperation program was signed by Mr. Ahmed bin Hassan al Dheeb, Deputy Chairman of OPAZ, and Dr. Ayman bin Abdullah al Fudaili, CEO of Industrial Innovation Academy.

The program stipulates that both, OPAZ and the Academy, will implement the ‘Rabt Program’, which aims to link local products with government tenders and procurement processes in the zones.

This program will serve to create a database of products and services of the companies operating in the zones and will be linked to the government tenders and procurement, so such products are given a preference.

“The companies that are awarded the tenders are obliged to purchase and supply their projects with local products and industries,” as per the reports.

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