Omantel & Abraj Energy Services unite for advanced ICT solutions

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Omantel-Abraj Energy Services partnership
Officials during the signing ceremony.

Omantel, the leading provider of integrated telecommunication services in the Sultanate of Oman, and Abraj Energy Services, Oman’s leading oil and gas service provider, have entered into a strategic partnership for advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions.

This collaboration focuses on the delivery of advanced ICT Services, particularly in Talent Management and Performance Management.

This partnership combines Omantel’s expertise in ICT solutions with Abraj’s deep knowledge in the energy sector to offer a robust suite of tools for enhancing human capital management processes. These tools focus on various aspects of talent and performance management, aiming to streamline operations and bolster productivity.

Dr. Yousuf Al Hinai, ICT General Manager at Omantel, commented that, “In a professional landscape increasingly influenced by automation, the significance of the human element remains paramount. We recognize the critical importance of nurturing and developing talent. Through our partnership with Abraj, we are excited to introduce specialized services that leverage state-of-the-art technology to advance Talent and Performance Management.”

For his part, Hilal Al Siyabi, Chief People and Culture, said that, “At Abraj Energy Services, we believe in the intrinsic value of sustainable human resources management. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere productivity; it encompasses the well-being and growth of our workforce. By integrating sustainability into our human capital practices, we ensure long-term success for both our employees and our company.”

As per the statement, the solution includes Talent Management using SAP SuccessFactors, which offers a holistic approach to managing talent with features that include employee engagement, performance reviews, and succession planning. The platform integrates AI-powered career planning, providing personalized development recommendations and facilitating career progression for employees.

The Performance Management platform uses the SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goals module aligned to individual goals with the company’s strategic objectives, enhancing overall business performance. It supports continuous performance management by fostering regular dialogues between employees and managers. In addition, the suite includes tools for calibration and meaningful performance reviews, helping organizations optimize their workforce capabilities.

Both Talent and Performance Management modules are part of SAP SuccessFactors’ larger suite of HCM solutions, which is built on a cloud infrastructure. The suite integrates with Artificial Intelligence to provide insights and predictive analytics, improving decision-making processes across HR functions.

According to the statement, this integration also extends to compensation management, linking performance data directly with compensation decisions, thereby enhancing the governance and effectiveness of global compensation policies.

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