OTSAW unveils its new Multi-Purpose Robot ‘Camello+’

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OTSAW launches Camello+
OTSAW's Camello+ | Image Supplied

OTSAW, a driving force behind Singapore’s robotics landscape, has launched its Camello+, a breakthrough in autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

The company adopts a multifaceted approach by creating versatile and adaptable robots to address real world challenges across different industries. Having crafted a multitude of robots across the span of 9 years, OTSAW has refined its extensive experience in robotics to develop Camello+, their new multi-purpose robot.

According to the statement, with its interchangeable modular attachments, it can serve multiple industries like healthcare, logistics, and security for multiple purposes simultaneously.

Ling Ting Ming_OTSAW_Multi-purpose robot
Ling Ting Ming
CEO & Founder

“We brought together all our robotics expertise to create Camello+, our first ever multi-purpose robot that can serve multiple industries. It’s been a journey, we needed to learn from making different robots for different purposes before creating a multi-use one. Amidst the growing labor shortage, industries face an urgent need for innovative solutions. Our new multi-purpose robot Camello+ is not just an upgrade, it’s a breakthrough in the robotics industry, integrating numerous solutions in a single robot catered for various uses.”

The ambition behind Camello+ challenges the conventional robotics approach, shifting away from single-purpose robots. Equipped with interchangeable modular attachments, this innovation allows it to serve diverse industries concurrently, ranging from healthcare to logistics and security. OTSAW will debut its new Multi-purpose robot at Arab Health 2024.

OTSAW is a Singapore-based robotics and AI company disrupting sectors such as Security, Healthcare, and Logistics through the use of autonomous robots. It empowers businesses in 20+ countries with 1000+ robots deployed and tallying over 3 million days of robot operations.

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