These robots are all set to swiftly deliver groceries to your doorstep

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Desk Reporter
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Otsaw Digital's home delivery robot 'Camello'

A Singapore technology startup company has deployed a pair of robots to deliver groceries to residents in one area of the city-state, planning to capitalize on an increase in demand for home deliveries.

Otsaw Digital, focused on developing robotics technologies, has developed the mobile robot in order to autonomously fulfill home deliveries. The robots, named Camello, are currently undergoing a one-year trial in which their services are being provided to 700 households.

Users can book delivery slots for groceries including milk and eggs, and they will be notified through an app when the robot is near a pick-up point, such as the lobby of an apartment building, as per the reports.

The robot has 3D sensors, a camera, and two loading compartments, each capable of carrying up to 20kg of goods. These robots are able to complete up to five deliveries daily on weekdays and remain on call for half a day on Saturdays.

“They use ultraviolet light to disinfect themselves after every trip. Especially during this pandemic period, everybody is looking at contactless, humanless,” said Ling Ting Ming OTSAW Digital’s chief executive in a statement.

The robots are currently assisted by Otsaw employees to ensure that deliveries go smoothly, according to the reports.


Founded in 2015, Otsaw is a global pioneer in advanced robotics technologies and next-generation artificial intelligence for healthcare, security delivery, and mobility applications to improve safety, business processes, and everyday lives. The company offers security, delivery, and disinfection robot services on a subscription base to help the customers in order to reduce the usage of time.

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