RAKEZ launches HS&E Appreciation Awards for business community

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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RAKEZ launches HS&E Appreciation Awards
Rep.Image | Courtesy: RAKEZ

Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) has introduced the HS&E Appreciation Awards to recognize companies’ dedication to Health, Safety, and Environmental practices.

The initiative aims to promote compliance with regulations, enhance standards, and foster a culture of safety and sustainability within the economic zone. The awards encourage businesses to improve their HS&E practices and support RAKEZ’s mission of proactive risk management and environmental care, setting a benchmark for excellence and innovation in the business community.

Winning companies for the HS&E Appreciation Awards were selected based on their adherence to RAKEZ’s guidelines, compliance status, responsiveness, internal health and safety systems, risk management policies, incident prevention efforts, and overall commitment to safety and sustainability.

Motherson PKC Harness Systems was recognized for its safety leadership, innovation, and sustainability in auto electrical wire manufacturing processes.

Al Dobowi, with its cutting-edge battery manufacturing technologies, was recognized for embodying excellence in environmental management and energy efficiency. Saverglass was celebrated for its artisanal craftsmanship in high-end glass bottle manufacturing, establishing benchmarks in waste reduction, resource efficiency, and sustainable production practices.

Precision Gravure Printing was acknowledged for leading the way in packaging material manufacturing, focusing on sustainable materials, innovative recycling practices, and the advancement of a circular economy.

Ramy Jallad_RAKEZ launches HS&E Appreciation Awards
Ramy Jallad
Group CEO

“We are proud of our companies for setting such high standards in health, safety, and environmental practices. Their commitment not only underscores the significant strides we have made towards ensuring a safe and sustainable working environment but also inspires the entire RAKEZ business community. These companies show true leadership in HS&E, leading by example with their compliance, quick responses to regulations, and effective safety management, paving the way for a culture of continuous improvement and innovation across our economic zone.”

“As we celebrate their success, we are reminded of the collective responsibility we share in upholding and elevating our HS&E standards, ensuring RAKEZ remains a benchmark for environmental stewardship and workplace safety globally,” Jallad added.

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