Samsung’s Hip exoskeleton secures ISO certification

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Samsung GEMS
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Samsung Electronics, the South Korean multinational, has secured the International Organizations for Standardization (ISO) certificate for its wearable robotics.

Samsung Electronics has obtained ISO 13482 certification from the Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement, an international accreditation which is a significant achievement for the assistive personal care robot GEMS (Gait Enhancing and Motivating System) Hip exoskeleton.

Samsung GEMS

It is a robotic wearable was introduced last year to help users who have problems walking, running or standing up. Currently, it has three variants: the GEMS Hip, GEMS Knee and GEMS Ankle.

The company claims that an exoskeleton worn on the hip can lower 24 percent of the metabolic cost of walking while increasing the speed by 14 percent. Gradually this support will lead to a more energy-efficient stable gait (a person’s manner of walking) pattern.

Besides the ISO 13482, the GEMS hip has also acquired the ISO 13849 which is a certification for the safety of machinery that is safety related to parts of the control system.

Jeon il Moon
Jeon il Moon, President
Institute for Robot Industry Advancement

“To expand the usage of service robots it is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of the products. We believe that the efforts to meet the strict global standardization criteria, shown through this achievement, will help further develop the field of personal care robotics.”

With this achievement, Samsung becomes the first Korean firm to achieve ISO 13482 and believes it will allow them to integrate the robot into daily lives and enhance their utility and accessibility.

ISO 13482

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) introduced ISO 13482 in 2014, which is a globally recognized standard to ensure safety in the use of mobile servant robots, physical assistant robots and person carrier robots.