Saudi Arabia among top 10 safest travel destination around the globe; Wego

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia has been ranked as the sixth safest travel destination during the COVID-19 pandemic by the largest online travel marketplace in the Middle East, North Africa & Asia Pacific, Wego.

The firm revealed the information through an article published on the Wego Travel Blog website, entitled “Safe Places to Travel During Covid-19 Pandemic”. The Kingdom was the only Middle East country in the rank list.

According to Wego, the Kingdom ranked sixth among the countries in the world with a rating based on EU methodology for its travel risk assessment. The classification methodology includes epidemiological criteria, the willingness of countries to substantially reduce and stabilise the spread of the virus over a prolonged period, the capacity of the health system and centres with large-scale testing capabilities to identify and track infections.

Wego findings

Australia ranked first in the global safe destinations for travel during the pandemic, followed by New Zealand, Singapore, Zambia, Cuba and Saudi Arabia, respectively. Australia topped the results of the tests in terms of positive coronavirus swabs conducted on 1.693 per million people, with 0.0 percent out of 0.5 new cases per million people.

New Zealand came in second with 1,365 tests per million inhabitants, with 1 percent out of 0.8 million new cases per million inhabitants. Singapore came third with 4,491 tests per million people, 0.1 percent out of 1.3 new cases per million people.

Zambia ranked fourth with 264 examinations per million people, with 0.7 percent of new cases per million people. Cuba ranks fifth with 774 trials per million residents, with 0.4 percent out of 3.5 new cases per million citizens.

Saudi Arabia has conducted more than 15 million tests to detect coronavirus, of which 0.6 percent are positive samples, and 8.8 new cases per million people.