Saudi Arabia introduces clean diesel & gasoline fuels

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Rep. Image | ekrem osmanoglu @ Unsplash

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Energy has completed the launch of clean diesel and gasoline (Euro 5) in the Kingdom’s markets to replace previous fuels.

The new fuels, like the previous ones, are suitable for all means of transportation and aim to provide highly efficient, low-emission fuel that supports environmental sustainability and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives.

The Saudi Ministry said that these products are part of the Kingdom’s efforts to reduce emissions and achieve “net zero” by 2060 through implementing the Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) approach.

This is consistent with the Kingdom’s development plans and its leading role in supporting international efforts to protect the environment and maintain its position as a reliable supplier of global energy.

According to the statement, the Euro 5 specification provides the best standards and modern technologies. The European emission standard Euro 5 specifications aimed to create a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment. The specification for carbon monoxide does not exceed 1.5 percent while Euro 2 diesel specification causes more pollution.

With Euro 5 specification, the maximum diesel sulfur content is 10 parts per million (ppm) and smoke opacity is 1.0-1.5 ppm while diesel sulfur content is as high as 500 ppm and smoke opacity is up to 0.46 ppm with Euro 2 specification.

Further, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry added that the two new products align with the objectives of the ‘Saudi Green Initiative’ and the ‘Saudi Energy Efficiency Program’ which have established the Saudi ‘CAFE’ standard to improve vehicles’ fuel economy and encourage automotive manufacturers to incorporate the latest energy-efficient technologies in vehicles imported into the Kingdom.

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