Saudi Arabia will continue to remain a key global player regardless of US election result

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Saudi Arabia
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Because of its political, religious and economic weight, Saudi Arabia enjoys a strong position in global affairs. The Kingdom has always played a vital role in times of crisis, as a trusted ally for most countries in the world.

Riyadh’s relationship with Washington is based on mutual trust. Whoever sits in the Oval Office (US President’s office) does not impact it. Election campaigns are often designed for voters at home and do not necessarily reflect the true aspirations of the elected president, particularly when it comes to foreign affairs.

Among the most important pillars of the global system are Saudi-US relations. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia will continue to be the largest US ally as a stronger cooperation between the two countries is imperative for regional and global stability to be maintained.

Saudi Arabia enjoys a unique global and regional role due to its religious and economic power. The oil-rich Kingdom also has a vital role to play in stabilizing global markets for energy.

Saudi Arabia has always pursued wise and proactive strategies in times of global political and economic crises to help its allies, and the world, recover easily from these difficulties.

The US energy industry is currently booming, and even if the Republican candidate was elected instead of the Democratic one, any change in this strategy is unlikely.

The US is seriously working to reduce its dependency on foreign oil imports, which also explains the shale oil industry’s boom.

The development of the shale industry also gives more leverage to the US in dealing with several foreign difficulties, so it cannot be removed from the energy mix. Moreover, a hydraulic fracturing ban will result in an enormous shortage of oil supplies, which will adversely affect oil prices that the current fragile global economy will not be able to cope with.