Sohar International rolls out cutting-edge payment gateway

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Sohar International launches payment gateway solutions
Rep.Image | Courtesy: Sohar International

Sohar International, the fastest-growing bank in Oman, has launched a cutting-edge payment gateway to empower merchants with unprecedented efficiency.

This state-of-the-art solution serves as a seamless conduit for online transactions, facilitating the smooth flow of information between websites, mobile applications, and payment processors.

With the capacity to handle a diverse range of card payments, spanning from credit and debit to prepaid cards, this advanced solution reflects Sohar International’s dedication to providing merchants with a reliable platform to elevate transaction experiences and streamline the checkout process for their customers.

By automatically routing transactions based on card type, the new platform eliminates the need for cardholders to manually select their card type, ensuring a seamless and efficient checkout experience.

Sajeel Bashiruddin, Chief Digital Officer at Sohar International, said that, “As the wave of digitalization continues to surge and online transactions become increasingly widespread, Sohar International’s payment gateway is poised to help merchants navigate the intricacies of the digital economy while simultaneously enhancing overall customer satisfaction in online operations.”

“At Sohar International, we remain committed to rolling out innovative features across all digital channels. These endeavors are multifaceted, as they not only streamline financial transactions but also catalyze business expansion and economic activity, ultimately empowering enterprises to flourish in the digital era. This dedication to innovation mirrors our overarching vision of cultivating an environment conducive to growth and prosperity, one that encourages businesses to seize the opportunities prevalent in the digital landscape,” Bashiruddin added.

Sohar International’s payment gateway offers a range of essential features. It facilitates multiple payment options, accommodating both local and global preferences. Merchants can adapt to meet diverse customer needs, whether they opt for direct checkout or prefer secure methods like Authorize and Capture. Additionally, the ‘Link Payments’ functionality enables merchants to effortlessly send payment links to customers via email and SMS. Particularly beneficial for small businesses without a dedicated website for payment acceptance, Link Payments provides a convenient solution to facilitate transactions seamlessly.

Further, Sohar International’s payment gateway also provides a ‘Recurring Payment’ feature tailored for businesses with subscription models. This functionality enables merchants to collect payments from customers recurrently, streamlining billing and improving revenue predictability. Ideal for subscription-based services or membership platforms, this feature empowers merchants to efficiently manage their recurring revenue streams.

According to the statement, the payment gateway integrates advanced measures through tokenization. This process involves transforming sensitive data, such as card numbers, into unique identifiers called tokens, using vault services.

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