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Global coal demand may hit record by 2022, risking net-zero goals;...

Rapid economic recovery is pushing global coal power generation to a record in 2021 and overall coal demand to a potential all-time high as...

Most OECD countries agree to ban export credits for new coal...

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has stated that most of its member countries have agreed to stop offering export credits for...

G7 pledges to stop funding for coal project by 2021 end

The world’s seven largest advanced economies have agreed to stop international financing of coal projects by the end of this year, and phase out...

Climate change commitment: HSBC to cut coal industry funding between 2030-2040

The British multinational investment bank HSBC will phase out its support for the coal industry in the developed world by 2030 and in the...
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