YouTube testing new feature to make subscribe button glow

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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YouTube Subscribe button
Rep. Image | Nik @ Unsplash

American online video-sharing and social media platform, YouTube is testing a new feature that highlights the ‘Subscribe Button’ anytime the word ‘subscribe’ appears in a video.

According to the statement, the experimental update was spotted across a wide range of content, therefore it seems that the platform has fully automated the procedure.

Recently, the video streaming platform has also been said to be testing a few other new features. The app may soon allow users to hum tunes to search for songs. It is also reportedly working on a redesigned ‘Skip Ads‘ button.

According to the reports, “YouTube ‘Subscribe’ button is seen to be glowing when content creators request the audience to subscribe to their channel in a video.” Regular YouTube users are familiar with many content creators using customized animation within the video while requesting a subscription. YouTube is now highlighting creators’ statements in a new test with this feature which makes the actual “Subscribe” button glow in response to the request.

As per the statement, “Recently appearing for some users, YouTube is testing a new function that illuminates the “Subscribe” button anytime the word ‘subscribe’ is said in a video. The process seems to have been automated by the platform itself.”

Recently, it was reported that YouTube is testing a subtler video progress bar than the original red-colored one users have been viewing till now. The bar has only been visible in the website’s “dark theme” option up to this point to give users of select Android devices a less obtrusive user interface.

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