A bag that looks like its right from the oven! Another eccentric design from Moschino

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Baguette bag
The Italian luxury fashion brand Moschino has launched a bag which looks like Baguette.

Being bizarre is not something new for the fashion industry and the year 2020 has added many such strange yet trendy pieces like grass-stained denim, ripped tights, one-legged jeans, potato sack pants and many more and if you think the list is done for this year, you got it wrong!!!

The Italian luxury fashion brand Moschino is the latest to jump into the bizarre fashion trends bandwagon with its new bag that looks like something that has come out of an oven.

Baguette bag
The Baguette bag is priced at $1,170.

With its new launch, Moschino has managed to deliver a tasty delight from the French delicacies to its eclectic designs and it is a bag that exactly looks like a baguette. And if you are wondering what a baguette is, it is just a simple rectangle-shaped French bread.

Moschino launched the Baguette bag on its website and eCommerce platforms lately with a whopping price of $1,170. The fashion house described the product as a “maxi clutch in high-frequency printed baguette-shaped faux leather and gold plated plate Moschino Made In Heaven.”

Baguette bag
Moschino’s croissant shaped clutch is priced between $892 and $1,200.

As a part of the brand’s latest collection, it has also launched a clutch that resembles a croissant, a crescent-shaped bread.

The designed piece, priced between $892 and $1,200 is described by Moschino as a “clutch with chain and magnet closure in the shape of a croissant, high frequency printed and gold plated detail Moschino Label Made In Heaven.”

The Baguette bag and croissant clutch of the Italian fashion house have made it to social media and the netizens are left confused with the latest collection and has already picked up discussions over it.


The Italian luxury fashion house, Moschino is specialized in leather accessories, shoes, luggage and fragrances. The brand, launched in 1983 by Franco Moschino, is always known for its innovative and sometimes eccentric designs.