Abu Dhabi University inaugurates 1st academic quantum lab in Abu Dhabi

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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First academic quantum lab in Abu Dhabi
Rep. Image | Courtesy: ADU

Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has inaugurated the first academic quantum lab in Abu Dhabi in partnership with Vernewell Group, an innovative powerhouse combining Vernewell Academy and Management Consultant.

The lab serves as a collaborative hub for students, researchers, and experts, where they can come together to explore quantum technologies, exchange knowledge and gain innovative skills by tackling complex challenges that transcend the limits of classical computations.

Among the diverse array of captivating pursuits, the lab delves into quantum encryption, optimizations, quantum blockchain, and many other cutting-edge domains.

According to the statement, “The lab is an integral part of the visionary DARQ Hub, a collaborative learning and innovation center; in which students, faculty and staff members will use as an innovative incubator to foster creation, patenting, and commercialization of revolutionary solutions in the DARQ tech sphere, including quantum computing.”

Professor Ghassan Auoad, Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University (ADU), said that, “The quantum lab signifies a remarkable step in the realm of quantum technologies. Through this lab, we aim to offer top-notch resources and tools to our students, faculty members, and the wider UAE community to elevate our everyday technologies and pave the way for an innovative future.”

Furthermore, the lab will redefine the quantum education and research landscape in the region, which represents an exceptional step in evolving innovation within the field. The lab will also provide hands-on learning experiences to prepare the next generation of professionals with the skills required in the quantum era.

Mrs. Malak Trabelsi Loeb, Managing Director of Vernewell Group, commented that, “Our partnership with Abu Dhabi University exemplifies our commitment to advancing quantum education and fostering a highly skilled workforce. Together, we aim to shape a future where the true potential of quantum computing is harnessed, empowering individuals and propelling industries forward. Through this partnership, we are honored to contribute to the UAE’s vision of technological leadership and a brighter future for all.”

Through this strategic partnership with Vernewell, ADU seeks to boast SpinQ Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Triangulum Mini and NMR Gemini Mini quantum Computers.

As per the statement, these portable devices grant students and researchers access to quantum computing technologies dedicated to education. By offering quantum science education, ADU ensures that students gain practical knowledge and skills in quantum algorithms, circuit design, and quantum cryptography.

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