ADQ strives to be a sustainable investor with its new ESG policy

By Arya M Nair, Intern Reporter
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Abu Dhabi
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ADQ, one of Abu Dhabi’s largest holding companies has released its first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy to support its efforts as a sustainable investor to accelerate value creation.

The company aspires to target sectors with strong prospects to support clean technology and other environmentally friendly efforts as a sustainable investor. The new policy will help ADQ’s portfolio companies to become more sustainable businesses that produce value and have a beneficial impact on people, society, and the environment by incorporating ESG principles.

ADQ hopes to align and contribute to global and Abu Dhabi initiatives and policies that will strengthen its ESG approach, as well as its position as a responsible investor and asset manager, through this policy. ADQ also aims to further integrate SI into investment decision-making and portfolio company oversight, emphasizing the mitigation of ESG risks.

Mohamed Hassan Alsuwaidi
Mohamed Hassan Al Suwaidi

“As part of our mandate to create value for our strategic partner and shareholder, the Abu Dhabi Government, we are committed to being a sustainable investor for the benefit of future generations. Accordingly, establishing a clear framework to embed ESG principles across our operations is a significant initial step. We are committed to applying ESG standards in everything we do.”

Under the policy, ADQ will monitor the sustainability progress of its underlying investments. To ensure that ADQ and its portfolio companies are operating responsibly, it seeks to measure, monitor, and improve the overall ESG position of its portfolio companies. This includes monitoring and reporting on material ESG indicators.

ADQ seeks to continually improve environmental stewardship, particularly in energy, water and material usage. It seeks to minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, reduce energy consumption and increase recycling. ADQ explores clean technology investments that target lower environmental impacts, promote circular solutions and minimize office waste going to landfills.

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