EXEED VX forms new Flagship Style benchmark with its Advanced “Intelligent Aesthetics”

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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EXEED VX Series Exterior Front View
Exterior Front View of EXEED VX Series | Image Courtesy: EXEED

Driven by the design concept of “Intelligent Aesthetics”, each model of the high-end automotive brand EXEED is devoted to the deep integration of intelligent technology and visual arts, while conveying rich emotions through design and showing more modern beauty of imagination.

As the flagship model of EXEED, VX actively appeals to the three elements of “Precision”, “Purity” and “Emotion” through design, showing intelligence and aesthetics, thus bringing new visual pleasure by virtue of the advancement.

The EXEED VX, with a body length of almost 5 meters, flaunts an assertive visual impact and great elegance at first glance. As a medium and large flagship product, EXEED VX boasts simple and smooth body lines, which are grand and graceful.

Specifically, in terms of appearance design, the combination of the large multi-process front grill and intelligent matrix LED headlights completes the aesthetic requirements and brings a sense of luxury quality.

EXEED VX Series Exterior Front View
Exterior Front View of EXEED VX Series | Image Courtesy: EXEED

In particular, the front face of EXEED VX embraces the Trinity process, the classic work of the luxury jewelry brand Cartier, which always keeps the visual effect as bright as new, thus accentuating the identity of the luxury flagship product.

In addition, the noble gene of EXEED VX is always expressed in the design of the integrated rearview mirror of the door, the 20-inch sharp wheel with exquisite dual-color craft, the MC06 low-noise tire of Continental, the through LED taillight, and even the exhaust design of double outlets.


Aesthetics is not just about appearance, however. EXEED VX also shows its advanced intelligent aesthetics through interior materials to technologies. Its textured technology cabin boasts the most fashionable 12-inch duplex screen with leading size, which is not only fashionable and cool but full of science and technology as well.

EXEED VX Series Interior Infotainment Centre
Infotainment Centre in the Interior of EXEED VX Series | Image Courtesy: EXEED

Besides, the screen resolution has reached 1920 x 720, providing a perfect display effect. Moreover, by virtue of the yacht-type panel design, VX shows a luxurious touch with the most advanced technologies.

For the flagship product positioned as a vehicle for guests, EXEED VX further advances the intelligent aesthetics to every detail that can be felt. Specifically, the first-class seats equipped for VX adopt not only leather materials but also leather technologies such as Budapest piping and French double stitching.

Moreover, VX is equipped with a new acoustic kit for the engine and a laminated windshield with acoustic noise reduction, creating a quiet space that can be used as not only a private rest area for a child but also a luxurious reception hall for a father.

EXEED VX Series Plush Interior View
Plush Interiors of EXEED VX Series | Image Courtesy: EXEED

Intelligent Aesthetics is also echoed in the undifferentiated care for each driver and passenger. EXEED VX boasts a 1270cm2 super yacht-type porthole, providing the passengers of the third row with a VIP riding experience, while the 1.18m2 super panoramic sunroof brings the sunlight of 1/4 more than the peer products.

In addition, for the air freshness in the vehicle, VX is equipped with independent air conditioners for three zones and a CN95 level triple purification system, creating an AQS healthy cabin. Everyone can enjoy the “natural oxygen” while sitting in the vehicle as if being in nature.

As Kevin Rice, the world’s top auto designer, stated, consumers’ preferences for design are changing quietly, and they hope that vehicles can be truly integrated into their lives.

Therefore, during the advancement of intelligent aesthetics, EXEED concentrates more on users’ aesthetic views and travel demands, making VX an intuitive expression of users’ identities.

It is the visual transmission of EXEED VX to the flagship benchmark to bring each driver and passenger a comfortable experience with the touchable luxury texture.

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