First Arab Mars Mission – Story Part – 04

A young Arab nation, a red planet, a historic mission and a thousand dreams

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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UAE Mars Mission
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The Hope Probe roared off from the surface of the Earth amidst cheers and whoops marking the momentous occasion of UAE creating history as it joined the elite club of nations that have set off for the red planet.

This is our fourth article in a series of comprehensive reports where we explain to you each and every aspect of the UAE’s Mars Mission. You can read the earlier article in the series from the link below.

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It is notable that a mission that usually takes 10-12 years to complete was successfully undertaken and accomplished by the team behind the Hope Probe mission in just 6 years. Moreover, they were able to do this in a commendably low budget while not compromising on any of its aspects.

Today, let’s know them, the force behind the Hope, who has played a significant role in making the UAE proud in front of the world.

Sarah Bint Yousif Almiri
Science Lead

She was appointed as the UAE Space Agency’s president very recently.

An ardent interest for aerospace engineering in her heart has led her to hold several prestigious positions and she also holds the record for being the first Emirati to speak at an international TED event in Louisiana, USA, where she spoke about the Hope Mars Mission.

Omran Sharaf
Project Manager

He was the first employee to join the newly established Emirates Institution for Advanced Science and Technology (EIAST) in 2006.

Suhail Buti Al Mheiri
Deputy Project Manager

Al Mheiri also has the additional responsibility of being the Spacecraft Lead for the Emirates Mars Mission. He led the team that was stationed at the Tanegashima Space Centre in Japan from where Hope took off.

Mariam Al Shamsi
Data Analyst

Another female force behind the ambitious mission, she is responsible for analyzing the scientific data and information the mission collects over its period of study.

Hessa Al Matroushi
Science Data and Analysis Lead

The former Deputy Project Manager of Nayif-1 at MBRSC was also a part of the team that launched Nayif-1, the UAE’s first CubeSat.

Omar Al Shehhi
Integration and Testing Lead

Part of the team since the very beginning of the mission, Omar heads the assembly and integration unit at MBRSC and his responsibilities include planning, evolving and conducting test procedures.

Mohamed Al Ameri
Senior Space Mechanical Engineer

He is responsible for the design of spacecraft components structure to withstand the space environment. He ensured that the structure had enough thermal stability, stiffness, strength, and manufacturability requirements to withstand the harsh condition it would face outside the Earth.

Issa Hareb Al Mheiri
Energy Systems Engineer

He is responsible for installing the solar panels on the probe. These panels collect necessary renewable and solar energy that will power the batteries of Hope Probe.

Ahmad Obaid Al Yammahi
Assembly and Mechanical Systems Engineer

He played an integral role during the shipping operation of the satellite. He was a part of the team that received and transported the satellite and surrounded it with nitrogen gas to protect its stability and systems at the Nagoya Airport in Japan.

Mahmoud Al Awadi
Mechanical Systems Engineer

He is a part of the team that designed Hope’s structure. He was also responsible for the installation and assembly of the structure. He conducted tests to ensure the safety of the probe and its scientific equipment.

Youssef Al Shehhi
Thermal Systems Engineer

He supported the team in receiving and moving the probe and testing the devices to ensure their safety and help install the thermal insulator that protects the probe from the space environment.

Mohammad Omran Al Ameri
Ground Support Engineer

He joined the Emirates Mars Mission in 2016 and is responsible to make sure that the probe’s systems are integrated and assembled accurately. He also helped design and make ground support equipment, such as the equipment that helped integrate scientific devices on the probe to control its movement and direction correctly.

Khalifa Al Mheiri
Satellite Telecommunications Engineer and Communication Subsystem Lead

He is the Satellite Telecommunications Engineer and Communication Subsystem Lead of the mission. Since 2016, Khalifa has been working within the Probe communications design group. He was responsible for ensuring the integrity of communication throughout Hope’s journey from Earth to Mars.

Heyam Al Baloushi
Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Test (MAIT) and Quality Assurance Engineer.

Heyam graduated from Khalifa University as one of the eight female students to graduate with honors from the mechanical engineering department.

We realize that other than these mentioned names, there are numerous members who have contributed directly or indirectly to the mission. GCC Business News lauds all those heroes for their tireless and persistent efforts to make one of the most ambitious projects of UAE possible and to spread a beacon of hope to the world in these difficult times.

GCC Business News’s comprehensive coverage on UAE’s historic Mars Mission will keep you updated on each and every aspect of the probe’s journey. Please come back for more every day to read articles in the series and stay updated on the mission’s progress.