Google makes images intelligent; Improves visual search

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Google Image Search
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Google has experimented in recent years to make Image Search more capable of integration with Lens and Fact Check Labels. It has now announced that the Google Images results will include Knowledge Graph facts to tell users what they’re seeing.

We are familiar with the big block of information that appears on the right-hand side of the screen after entering a search term. It contains relevant, context-specific information regarding your search. This panel, termed as the Knowledge Panel, is powered by the Knowledge Graph of Google.

Google's enhanced image search
Google’s enhanced image search with Knowledge Graph

With this update which is currently restricted to the United States, Google wants to provide you with “quick facts” about the Image Search results. Under the preview image, Google will show drop-down menus that display more details about the image and you will see the result-related details on the Knowledge Panel. The information will include individuals, places or items related to the picture of billions of facts from the Knowledge Graph database, to help you explore the topics in depth.

“To generate these links to relevant Knowledge Graph entities, we take what we understand about the image through deep learning, which evaluates an image’s visual and text signals, and combine it with Google’s understanding of the text on the image’s web page,” the company said in a statement.

Google says the aim of this update is to help searchers explore topics in greater detail. The meaning added would definitely make pictures more appealing to click on. More context means more clicks and one way for searchers to explore topics in more depth is by visiting the web page that features the picture.

Hence, this update definitely helps site owners drive better traffic with images.
Currently launched only in the US this feature will start appearing on some photos of people, places and objects in Google Images, and will grow over time to include more pictures, languages and surfaces.

The update might roll out to other regions late this year.