Iconic Nyan Cat is up for one-of-a-kind crypto art auction

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat is an animated cat, which became internet sensation in 2011.

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the iconic Nyan Cat animation, the creator Chris Torres is putting up the one-of-a-kind Nyan Cat GIF for auction on the crypto art platform, Foundation. 

The auction scheduled to run for 24 hours is currently underway with the bid stood up for nearly $25,500. Mr. Torres says that he is not planning to offer another of Nyan Cat’s original image which means only one buyer will be able to own the iconic Nyan Cat. “I think it’s cool knowing you own the only piece in existence. And I feel like Nyan Cat will be a really special one to own,” he added.

Nyan Cat is an animated cat with a Pop-Tart torso and a rainbow trail as it flies through space. The animation was uploaded on April 2, 2011, on YouTube and with no time it became an internet sensation. “The design of Nyan Cat was inspired by my cat Marty, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge but lives on in spirit,” the description of Nyan Cat says.

For the purpose of the auction, Mr. Torres went back to the original GIF to make it larger and touch up minor flaws. The one star in the original 12-frame animation which would pop in out of nowhere, the creator removed it for the remastered edition.

Crypto art platforms

Crypto art has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and there are now a number of digital marketplaces like Zora, SuperRare, and Nifty Gateway, where collectors can buy and sell digital works.

Buyers of these works get the privilege of owning the art. The artwork typically comes with a license that allows the buyer to display them for personal use on a social media page, another digital marketplace, in a game or a virtual museum. The artists generally maintain all intellectual and creative rights to the works.

Foundation is a newcomer to the crypto art space that launched two weeks ago, and it already facilitated more than $410,000 in sales. Like many other crypto art platforms, in Foundation also sales are made with the cryptocurrency Ether.

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