Customer-led ecosystem orchestration to be major corporate strategy; IDC

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Jyoti Lalchandani-IDC
Mr. Jyoti Lalchandani, Group VP & Regional MD (META) of IDC | Courtesy: IDC

IDC Alliance is IDC’s premium flagship event for the partner ecosystem. The second annual edition, IDC Alliance 2023 event offers a unique environment for driving innovation and customer transformation across the region’s diverse ICT channel ecosystem.

As everyone is excitedly anticipating the IDC Alliance, Mr. Jyoti Lalchandani, IDC’s Group Vice President and Regional Managing Director (META), shared some exclusive insights about the event.

IDC predicts that customer-led ecosystem orchestration will become a major corporate strategy by 2025. Can you explain how this shift will impact businesses and what they can do to adapt?

The shift toward customer-led ecosystem orchestration means that businesses are increasingly tailoring their strategies to meet the specific wants and needs of their customers. This approach enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. To adapt, organizations should focus on cooperation, co-creation, and expansion within their ecosystem environments. This involves connecting with various entities, such as ISVs, hyperscalers, telcos, service providers, and partners, to deliver specialized offerings that align with each customer’s unique requirements.

Can you explain what IDC Alliance is and its significance to the technology industry?

IDC Alliance is a transformative platform within the technology industry, aimed at reshaping the way technology companies collaborate, innovate, and refine their strategies. This event serves as a valuable platform for the tech partner ecosystem, facilitating customer transformation by bringing together the most brilliant minds in technology to foster innovation, promote collaboration, and drive progress.

What is the main focus for Season 2 of IDC Alliance and what can participants expect from the event?

The second annual edition of IDC Alliance will explore the drivers and success factors for future tech ecosystems, define key elements of vibrant ecosystems, and explain how organizations can become valued participants. Participants can expect a collaborative environment incorporating various stakeholders, including start-ups, cloud specialists, partners, distributors, and vendors, with a focus on driving innovation and customer transformation within the ICT channel ecosystem. Additionally, the event is all about networking and we have a series of fun activities planned to enhance the overall experience of our attendees.

Given the importance of collaboration in the tech market, how does IDC Alliance foster innovation and customer transformation?

IDC Alliance serves as a hub for collaboration and innovation in the tech industry. By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, including established companies and innovative start-ups, it creates an environment where new ideas can flourish. Through discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities, attendees can explore innovative solutions and strategies, ultimately driving customer transformation and growth in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

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