Samsung expands its Anti-Counterfeit Program in Oman

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Samsung Gulf Electronics has expanded its Anti-Counterfeit Program (ACP) in Oman as part of the organization’s broader Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives.

The company conducted a special session as part of the ACP initiative to strengthen anti-counterfeit solutions.

As per the statement, 50 public servants from the Royal Oman Police, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Consumer Protection Authority attended the workshop.

They discussed the risk of counterfeit items and the effect it has on the country’s economy and its residents’ safety in the presence of Mr. Kiran Tewari, Director, and Head of Customer Service, Samsung Gulf Electronics.

ACP reaffirms the brand’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility against the risk of low-quality counterfeit products. “These increase possible cause for serious injuries to the consumer and add pressure on the environment with the significant growth of e-waste, and so on,” according to the statement.

Under the social responsibility pillar, ACP will educate government officials in Oman on ways to protect consumers from the hazardous risks of using counterfeit products, in addition to incentivizing recycling processes for counterfeit items.

Mr. Tewari said that, “Counterfeit affects every country in the world and fuels illegal activities. Fake goods are produced in very low quality, which shortens the life span of the items.”

“I am delighted to be part of such an ambitious program as well as a service offering at Samsung and we are happy to support local governments in their efforts to eliminate counterfeit items from the market,” the Director further added.

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