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Self-perceptions of ageing & stress have impact on physical health; Study

According to a new study from Oregon State University (OSU), concentrating on the negative features of ageing can have a significant negative impact on...

Common cold may provide protection against COVID infection; Study

According to a recent study, high levels of T-cells from a typical cold may provide some protection against the COVID-19 virus. The study, which was...

COVID-induced school closures led to better health in teenagers; Study

School closures during the COVID-19 lockdowns, which accelerated homeschooling, had a favorable impact on teenagers' health and health-related quality of life due to longer...

Sustained Weight loss with Bariatric surgery may lower COVID risks; Study

A Cleveland Clinic study shows that among patients with obesity, prior weight loss achieved with bariatric surgery was associated with a 60 percent lower...

Healthcare workers with poor sleep more likely to report depression; Study

According to a new study, healthcare workers with poor sleep were twice more likely to report symptoms of depression than their better-rested colleagues. Healthcare workers...

Rye products are better than wheat food items for weight loss:...

Eating whole-grain rye products instead of refined wheat counterparts can provide significant health benefits, according to new research from the Chalmers University of Technology. The...

Overweight? Try these effective tips for proper intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has now become a boon for people aiming to shed some weight. The first thing to know about it is that intermittent...

Insufficient sleep in newborns linked to childhood obesity; Study

According to a study published in the Sleep Journal, newborns who sleep longer and wake up less during the night are less likely to...
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