Volar & Inovartic unite to commercialize electric aircraft in UAE

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Volar-Inovartic sign MoU
Rep. Image | Courtesy: Volar LinkedIn

Volar Aerospace Limited (Volar), a green air mobility company based in Hong Kong, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Abu Dhabi-based Inovartic Investment (Inovartic) to explore partnerships to commercialize the RX-series of electric aircraft in the UAE.

This partnership is to explore collaboration in distribution, after-sales services, and local manufacturing of electric aircraft in the region.

This collaboration aligns with the UAE’s sustainability goals and positions the RX-series electric aircraft as a pioneer for eco-friendly aviation in the region.

Henry Hooi, CEO of Volar, said that, “This partnership marks a significant step towards integrating sustainable technologies in aviation, which is crucial for environmental conservation and technological advancement. This aligns with the goals as outlined in the ‘UAE’s Net Zero by 2050’ agenda.”

According to the company, the partnership is expected to have a transformative impact on the aviation sector in the UAE by introducing advanced electric aircraft that offer cost efficiency, reduced environmental footprint, and enhanced operational capabilities.

The collaboration is a testament to both companies’ commitment to pioneering a greener future in aerospace technology.

“Inovartic is committed to fostering innovation that not only advances the aviation industry but also promotes sustainability,” said Saif Aldarmaki, Chairman, and Anwar Hussein, Managing Partner of Inovartic.

Volar Air Mobility

Volar is a green aerial ride-hailing software company aiming to catalyze the global adoption of environmentally responsible traveling alternatives. Volar is committed to offering a Safe, Affordable, on-demand Flexibility and zero carbon Emission (SAFE) private air travel experience enabled by a proprietary in-house technology platform specifically designed for electric aircraft.

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