EXEED sponsors ‘Arabian Horse Beauty Contest’; Grabs attention with brand spirit

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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EXEED VX Image | Courtesy: EXEED

Chinese automaker EXEED has attracted the attention from various industries by becoming one of the sponsors of the prestigious event, Arabian Horse Beauty Contest.

The event has attracted the attention of media outlets and horse lovers all around the world. The contest was presented in front of the audience through live television, site advertising, and propaganda materials.

The Arabian Horse Beauty Contest held in Saudi Arabia serves as a stage to show elegant culture and vitality beyond being a visual feast.

According to the company, “The integration of EXEED, which adheres to the concept of “Exploration and Transcendence” into the event fully proves that the concept of “Smart Aesthetics” and the brand spirit of EXEED are in perfect harmony with the concept contained and expressed in this event.”



The company said in a statement that, “Arabian horses represent the confidence and pride, which are vividly expressed on the flagship model VX of EXEED. The elegant and noble character of Arabian horses is in perfect harmony with the flagship style contained in VX.”

EXEED VX is a product with a good first impression. It is based on the famous “Smart Aesthetics” concept of EXEED, combining the design language of “Intelligence” and “Texture” organically.

As a flagship SUV product, EXEED VX will play the leading role in the future global market to provide more consumers with more high-quality travel options by virtue of its excellent comprehensive product strength and noble style.

The front face of the EXEED VX adopts the latest family design, with full vitality in the overall style. The large front air intake grille and multiple horizontal trim strips are full of visual tension, echoing the matrix headlights. Moreover, the layout of the fog lamp and air inlet closely matches the trapezoidal lower grille, with both elegance and fashion.


EXEED VX also satisfies the level of exquisite and extremely high grade in terms of interior design. The yacht-type central control design and high-end materials complement each other, and the deep-sea level as well as first-class level quiet space fully displays the style of the guest-oriented flagship SUV.

The vehicle is equipped with multi-piece large hubs commonly used in high-performance vehicles, and bilateral exhaust pipes, making the vehicle sportier.

“In addition, the sharp waist and tail lines and through taillights further rejuvenate the whole vehicle. The energetic EXEED VX is absolutely the best choice for those who love equestrian sports and culture,” as per the company.

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