Go on, have a good laugh! It offers many surprising benefits

By Sayujya S, Desk Reporter
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When life throws difficult situations at us, it’s common to feel sad and negative.

While we should not suppress feelings of sadness, we should also take the necessary steps to reach a happier, more solid ground. Humor is one tool that can help with this.

Reduces stress

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The physical act of laughing releases endorphins that make us feel good. When we are happier, stress goes away. Consider a time of immense stress or sadness. It is not uncommon during that period for someone to say something awkwardly funny. That humor, even though out of place, is what breaks the tensions and strengthens bonds and relationships.

We can bring this same need for humor at the workplace. The adage, “Those who love their work never work a day in their lives” is true. Humor equates to fun. When we have fun, we enjoy what we do, and even the most tedious tasks are not as stressful. It is a trend in many organizations follow to emphasize work-life balance. Some companies set the bar by incorporating time and setting areas to play, have fun and laugh at work. These initiatives lower stress levels and, ultimately, increase productivity.

Positive impact on relationships

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When we laugh with others, we create memories and strengthen our relationships. People remember how others make them feel. When someone is funny, she makes others feel good. She is often also seen as friendly and relatable. Further, we often connect to those who are happy and funny. Many want to spend time with others who have a positive outlook towards things.

Diffuse uncomfortable situations at work

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Humor diffuses difficult work situations. For instance, when a leader can make fun of himself, employees find the leader to be more relatable. This promotes better overall rapport and increased productivity. When we are funny, others want to be around us. Team meetings are more open. And more work gets done because employees are communicating and relating to one another.

Of course, there is a time and a place for humor. But, finding that happy medium and knowing when to insert a good joke can help to ease tension, strengthen bonds and make the workplace a more comfortable and productive environment.

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