Instagram is testing 4 new features for GenZ

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Instagram new features

Instagram, the Meta-owned app, has introduced new features to appeal to Generation Z. 

Instagram will begin testing the new features soon and may launch them within the coming months. The new creative features will include reminders for birthdays, audio notes, video notes through selfies and multiple lists for Stories. 

According to the company, these features will help the newer generation to express their creativity on the app and share content more easily.

New Features for GenZ users


The first feature is Birthday’s. Instagram already lets users celebrate the birthdays of their loved ones. With the new feature, the app will also allow users to help their friends remember their birthdays. They can do this by adding new pictures or effects like confetti to their profile picture.

Audio & Video Notes

Instagram is also making it easy for users to add notes now. It could either be an audio note or a selfie video note. Notes have gained popularity on the app, enabling users to share updates with each other quickly. It is available in the DM section at the top of the messages. The new Audio Notes feature will let users make a voice recording as a note, while Selfie Video Noteswill make it easy to record a short video as a note for 24 hours.

Multiple Lists in Stories 

Meanwhile, the Multiple Lists in Stories is touted by the app as the most awaited feature. Till now, users were able to create a list of their Close Friends with whom they wanted to select Stories. However, now users can create multiple lists in Stories, such as one for their university friends, another for their office buddies, and so on. Making multiple lists will allow users to segregate the selection of people who can view any particular story.

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