Qatar Islamic Bank unveils 5 new features on its Mobile App

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), the region’s leading digital bank, has unveiled five new features on its award-winning Mobile App, as part of its ongoing efforts to provide innovative digital solutions to empower its customers and give them more control.

D Anand
D Anand
Personal Banking Group

“Last year, QIB introduced a new version of its Mobile App with a new look and various features to provide customers with a seamless banking experience. Since then, we have been continuously introducing new and innovative features that are changing the way our customers experience the Mobile App allowing them to have more control over their financial needs and making their online banking experience more personal and secure. As customers are moving to digital channels faster than ever, it is important for us to keep meeting our customers’ needs and get them more engaged with their finances by providing the most advanced user experience”

Instant Credit Card

QIB introduces a new feature to apply for an Instant Credit Card against Lien by simply blocking an amount equivalent to the card limit from their account using the QIB Mobile App, a first of its kind in Qatar. This feature also provides the opportunity for customers who do not have a salary to obtain a Credit Card from QIB instantly without the hassle of documentation.

A summary of the features and benefits on each credit card is displayed to help the customer make an informed decision on which card to pick. The customer can then choose to receive their new credit card the next business day from the C-Ring Service Center, or have it delivered to their doorstep by QatarPost.

The whole process to apply and get approval for a new credit card is completed in a couple of minutes, and customers can activate the card and use it instantly by adding it to Apple Pay without the need to wait for the physical card.

Debit Cards

To encourage better online security on customers’ Debit Cards, QIB has now added another layer of controls on all QIB Debit Cards. With the new feature, all QIB Debit cardholders can now activate or deactivate the use of their Debit Cards for online transactions. In addition, customers who use their debit cards for online transactions will have the control to set the amount limit of their online transactions instantly through the QIB Mobile App.

Manage Daily Transfer Limit

QIB now enables customers to manage their own daily bank transfer limits by increasing or decreasing their daily transfer limits instantly through the QIB Mobile App. This service will enable customers to have better control and request an increase in transfer limits whenever they need to transfer an amount larger than the set limit without the need to visit a QIB branch.

View Takaful Product Policies

With the new update, customers who have purchased a Takaful product through QIB can now view all their Takaful product policies on the Mobile App. With the new feature, QIB will alert its customers when their policies are about to expire and in turn the customer can renew the expiring policy through the Mobile App instantly. Family Shield, Credit Shield, Auto Takaful and Walady and Afaq Takaful Savings Products will be displayed.

Western Union Money Transfer Cancellation

Putting customers at the heart of its digital transformation strategy, QIB introduced another new feature allowing customers to cancel their Western Union transfers if the money has not been collected by the beneficiary. In addition, customers can request to modify the beneficiary’s name on the Mobile App and without the need to call the Bank.

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