PureHealth adds National Rehabilitation Center into its healthcare network

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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PureHealth adds NRC to its network
Rep.Image (Courtesy: NRC)

PureHealth, the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East, has expanded its services by integrating the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) into its network to advance treatment programs, incorporate innovative technologies and establish a national strategy, reflecting Abu Dhabi’s efforts to provide comprehensive and holistic healthcare services. 

The National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) serves as the UAE’s main hub for treatment, rehabilitation and research. In 2017, NRC was designated as a prestigious WHO Collaborative Centre for Substance Use Prevention and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders, the only center of its kind in the Middle East.

The NRC collaborates with governmental and semi-governmental entities to establish social and integration services for addiction patients, conducts community awareness sessions and empowers students as addiction prevention ambassadors in their communities through school programs.

To achieve these goals, the center has undertaken several successful initiatives including the Capacity Building program, which conducted Addiction Specialization Training programs for workplace and family, benefiting more than 60 participants from governmental and semi-governmental entities.

Another key initiative is the School Prevention Training, in collaboration with the Department of Education and Knowledge and the Department of Community Development, introducing an anti-addiction program in schools and training educators and social workers. The NRC’s commitment to a 360-degree approach ensures a holistic effort in combating addiction and promoting well-being across society.

By assuming management of the center, PureHealth aims to transform how rehabilitation services in Abu Dhabi and the UAE are provided. Under this integration, the group will shape NRC’s treatment programs to incorporate the latest technologies and treatment regimes, oversee the expansion of NRC’s capacity, enhance access to care, and optimize the quality and performance of the center. Specialized treatment and rehabilitation services will be provided including follow-up post-recovery.

Through its multidimensional plan, including community development, awareness and prevention programs, PureHealth will raise the community’s awareness of the medical and social risks of such activities and prevent possible entry into self-destructive habits.

Shaista Asif_PureHealth adds National Rehabilitation Center to its network
Shaista Asif
Group COO

“We are honored to assume the responsibility of the NRC, as we work to enhance and drive better and more focused rehabilitation services. Through our comprehensive approach, strategic collaborations, and dedication to research and innovation, we are committed to making a lasting positive impact on individuals and the wider community. This responsibility marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower individuals, improve lives, and contribute to the betterment of society.”

Mr. Yousef Al Ketbi, Acting Chief Executive Officer of NRC, said that “At the National Rehabilitation Center, our vision is to be a beacon of hope and excellence, leading the way in rehabilitation and research in the UAE. As we embark on this new chapter of integration with PureHealth, we are excited about the possibilities it brings to elevate our mission and impact. Together, we look forward to redefining the landscape of rehabilitation services in Abu Dhabi and the UAE, forging a brighter future for those in need of treatment and rehabilitation.”

At a strategic level, the NRC will assume vital responsibilities of coordinating with centers-both governmental and non-governmental agencies dedicated to rehabilitation and establish the overall national strategy on the subject.

Additionally, under PureHealth, the NRC will establish a dedicated research and training center, which will serve as a hub for conducting studies, research, infrastructure development and issuing professional qualifications in the field of rehabilitation. The NRC will also organize seminars, conferences, workshops, training courses and disseminate knowledge to healthcare professionals. The NRC will focus on giving more access to patients by increasing the outpatient timings of their clinic, developing a better patient experience and creating digital platforms to better serve the patients’ requirements.

With the NRC, PureHealth expands its platform, offering comprehensive and holistic healthcare solutions to the region. The move is in line with the group’s efforts to help create a society where individuals lead healthier, happier lives and contribute meaningfully to their communities. These strategic endeavors further distinguish PureHealth as a unique provider with an unmatched range of services, quality and expertise.

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