Staying healthy during Ramadan

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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The holy month, among several others, throws up new challenges for the active crowd.

The holy month Ramadan can make it hard to maintain a normal workout routine due to irregular sleeping patterns and a lack of fluids. However, in order to remain fit during this strenuous period, getting the time to exercise will help to keep energy levels up, mind clear and metabolism stable.

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What kind of workout to opt for?

Focuses on three basic fitness aspects strength training, cardio, and flexibility during workouts is key. Prioritize strength training as loss of muscle mass can slow down your metabolism. The goal should be to avoid both: losing muscle and a drop in your metabolic rate.

The best time to work-out

It is not recommended to do intensive cardio workouts and heavy weight-training exercises while fasting. During a fast, with high temperatures and no liquids from sunrise to sunset, you can jeopardize your health by exerting yourself too much. It is advisable to reduce your routine down to two cardio sessions a week throughout the holy month.

Here are the four best options for working out during Ramadan you can follow

90 minutes before sunset

A light work-out towards the more relaxed & cooler part of the day will allow you to refresh yourself with water soon and will also provide benefits of exercising on an empty stomach. However, any workout done at this time should be subtle with more resistance training, low repetitions, and weights, and lots of stretching. This can be a good time for a short brisk walk or light jog.

After your evening meal

As cardio can be difficult on a full stomach, weight training can be managed after one hour after iftar.  On the days you plan to exercise after your meal, you can add in a little extra food to fuel your body and ensure that you drink plenty of water to rehydrate.

Between 11 PM and 2 AM

For late-nighters, the ideal time for work out could be between 11 PM and 2 AM, after your food has had a little time to settle and your body has fully rehydrated. If you have managed to get some rest in the afternoon, exercising at this time can be positive, as it is cooler than the day time, and will still leave you with a few hours more sleep until you get up to start the day.

Between 3 AM and 4 AM

Early wakers, should ideally utilize the time before your morning suhoor to workout. As you will have energy from the last night’s meal and yet you will still be on an empty stomach. You should hydrate while you train and once you are done you can eat again to replenish your energy. This method will also great to get you energized for the day ahead.


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