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IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
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Long screen time can increase risk of stroke; Study

Modern work conditions which requires much long screen time has led to increasing mental and physical health complications which can become serious, according to...

Google accepted 85% Remote Work or Relocation requests from employees

American tech giant Google has accepted a majority of requests from employees to relocate or work remotely. The search giant has approved roughly 85 percent...

LinkedIn to offer full-time remote, hybrid work options when offices reopen

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn will offer employees to choose full-time remote work or a hybrid option as offices eventually reopen, according to Chief People Officer Mr....

Apple pushes back return to offices with the rise in COVID-19...

The US-based technology giant Apple is delaying its return to office deadline by at least a month to October at the earliest, because of...

Terrace gardening for a healthier life; Try these tips to set...

Working from home can have significant drawbacks, such as mental fatigue and anxiety. Engaging in some creative activities, such as 'gardening,' is a good...

Does working from home bother you? Then achieve fitness through these...

The COVID-19 pandemic brought in work-from-home opportunities, which were previously limited to a select few. With most offices across the globe working remotely, people have...

Pandemic benefit: Google saves $1bn in 2020 as employees work remotely

If you are keeping count, you can add one more to the list of benefits that the pandemic has brought for the American search...

Half of UAE employees prefer to work from home; Study shows

According to a new study commissioned by US-based multinational technology company Avaya, more than half (52 percent) of UAE employees have felt happier in...
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