Google accepted 85% Remote Work or Relocation requests from employees

By Anju T K, Intern Reporter
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American tech giant Google has accepted a majority of requests from employees to relocate or work remotely.

The search giant has approved roughly 85 percent of employees who requested relocation and remote working in the first round of evaluation. Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, most companies have been attempting to accommodate a hybrid work culture, allowing those who want to return to their offices to do so while others work from home.

According to Statista, Google parent Alphabet will have 135,301 full-time workers by the end of 2020. Until 2015, these figures were reported as Google workers. Based on these data, just 7.4 percent of Google employees requested to work from a new location, and only 6.29 percent of all applications were approved.

Over the last few months, 10,000 Google employees have requested to move to a new office or work from home. The approvals were issued out this week by the corporation.

According to Business Insider, Google agreed to accept around 8,500 of the 10,000 people who requested a change by July 2. Employees whose jobs necessitated the use of specialized equipment were rejected by Google.

As per the report, 55 percent of requests came from employees who wanted to transfer between offices, while the remaining 45 percent came from employees who wanted to work completely remotely.

Further, the company said that “For some of these, we need more information to make sure we can legally and administratively support each role in the preferred location. It’s possible that some may be declined if we’re unable to do so.”

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