Thuraya rolls out tracking & monitoring service SatTrack for maritime customers

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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UAE-based regional mobile satellite service provider Thuraya has launched its web-based SatTrack maritime tracking and monitoring service in partnership with the leading international developer of software applications FrontM.

SatTrack is a system that facilitates sustainable fishing techniques, greater crew welfare and safety, greater fleet visibility and management, and onboard real-time condition monitoring for vessels and fleets that use the Thuraya MarineStar Solution (which supports voice, tracking, and monitoring).

Thuraya’s SatTrack is a low-cost turnkey subscription-based service that helps MarineStar users stay in control and achieve a competitive advantage while adhering to national and international fishing laws and regulations. Subscribers do not have to delve into multiple layers of data for comprehensive insights.

The online system displays the information reported from onboard MarineStar terminals on a user-friendly dashboard. It can also construct and monitor geofences, as well as generate detailed maps, customizable warnings, weather, and location reports at pre-determined intervals based on user preferences.

Sulaiman Al Ali
Sulaiman Al Ali
Deputy CEO

“Backed by several add-ons and the inbuilt voice capabilities of Thuraya MarineStar, SatTrack complements as an intuitive, feature-rich yet easy-to-use tracking and monitoring platform that generates a lot of value for its users. Unhindered, real-time access to the latest fishing reports, weather information, news, and other notifications can make all the difference to the profitability of the operations. Thuraya SatTrack opens up a new world of instant communication from onshore teams for offshore operations. Backed by a flexible pricing model based on usage, it protects customers from bill shock and amplifies the benefits of Thuraya MarineStar – making it a best-in-class, end-to-end tracking and monitoring solution that gives users the upper hand.”

Mr. Jassem Nasser, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Thuraya said, “SatTrack significantly improves offshore monitoring possibilities, besides increasing the effectiveness of communications with vessels and levels of compliance with maritime laws and regulations.”

“While a majority of owners readily acknowledge that their vessels should be connected to the internet, they still think of remote monitoring in terms of conventional connectivity using expensive bandwidth. When bundled with the Thuraya MarineStar solution, SatTrack presents an extremely viable, reliable, and cost-effective operating model that is instantly advantageous to the ship owners and operators,” Mr. Nasser added.

SatTrack expands the GPIO functionality of Thuraya MarineStar, which supports third-party integrations. Owners and operators can make key choices more quickly and save a lot of money by monitoring asset operations. Furthermore, SatTrack allows for the whitelisting and blacklisting of call numbers, effectively limiting the amount of money spent by crews.

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