UAE TDRA brings out new media channel ‘TDRA Podcast’

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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TDRA launches TDRA Podcast
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UAE’s Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) has launched the ‘TDRA Podcast’ as a new channel to be added to its media channels.

The podcast delivers TDRA’s awareness messages to various segments of society, including its new projects and initiatives as well as its strategies, regulations, and policies that interest customers.

This step comes in response to the increasing demand for podcasts, reflecting a prevailing trend, especially in the UAE, where the percentage of podcast listeners in 2022 reached about 21 percent of the population, according to a report issued by DataPortal.

Mohammad Al Kitbi-TDRA
Mohammad Al Kitbi
Deputy Director General for Support Services

“The launch of TDRA Podcast is part of TDRA media strategy, through which we aim to reach the largest possible segment of the audience to spread our community message, which has multiple aspects such as spreading useful information, raising digital awareness, highlighting projects that benefit the community, and enhancing TDRA’s pioneering role in achieving change based on digital transformation and future shaping. Our goal is for this channel to serve as a new window that fosters better communication between TDRA and the public, by bridging distances, highlighting the role of digital government and the telecommunications sector in enhancing innovation and sustainability, as well as presenting concepts of the digital age, and discussing the trendy topics at the local and global levels, such as issues of digital government, digital innovation, and safe use of the Internet.”

This turnout was evident in the first episode of the ‘TDRA Podcast’, which reached 10,000 interactive listeners. This new media channel raises awareness about the TDRA’s role in regulating the telecommunications sector and enabling digital transformation to contribute to social and economic development and achieving the goals of the “We the UAE 2031” Vision.

The podcast, which is broadcast regularly, hosts a group of local and international experts to talk about aspects of the UAE experience in telecom regulation and digital government and its success stories in digital transformation.

Further, it addresses the future of telecommunications and the digital government sector and enhances open dialogue by answering the listeners’ general inquiries, identifying their concerns, and enhancing their interactions by discussing topics raised by TDRA’s customers on other channels.

TDRA Podcast is part of TDRA’s efforts to leverage the benefits of digital media, by engaging users and enhancing the principle of digital participation, which includes involving the public through ICTs in making policies and decisions.

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