3 Wishes Granted: UAE Mars Shot contest winners announced

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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UAE's Mars Shot Campaign
The contest encouraged to dream the impossible

The Mars Shot Contest, an initiative from the UAE that encouraged people around the world to reach for the stars has picked the three dreamers with the most extraordinary dreams from the lot.

The contest, which was launched last month in partnership with American comedian Kevin Hart, announced three winners who will have their wishes met. Participants had shared their wishes via one-minute videos posted on social media.

Inspired by the groundbreaking Mars Hope probe, the goal of the contest is to show that ‘impossible is possible’, which is the motto of the Emirates.

The Hope probe successfully blasted off from Earth in July, marking UAE’s name in history as the first Arab country to do so in an admirable budget and time frame.

In a live streaming event that took place on Instagram Hollywood star, Kevin Hart declared the winners.

Know the three winners who dared to dream big – but with the selfless goal of enhancing other people’s lives.

Reina Ozbay – US

This enthusiastic 11-year-old is an established singer with many noteworthy performances to her name.

Her Dream: She would love to bring together some of the world’s biggest music stars, including Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, to help her create a song to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Mars Shot Winner Reina Ozbay

“I’m 11 – I wish I didn’t know what human trafficking was, but I do. Realizing that human trafficking happens daily – invisibly, but in plain sight, terrifies me and it should terrify the world.”
Reina Ozbay

Though her wish will be fulfilled, it’s not clear if global music stars will be part of her project.

Dolly Aswani – India

Over the last two years, Dolly Aswani, 24, is engaging as a social worker in India, providing educational services to disadvantaged children in rural villages.

Her Dream: She applied for the Mars Shot project to create a learning space for these kids, where they could develop various skill sets.

Mars Shot Winner Aswani Dolly

“I want the space to have basic computer sets and make them aware of how to use one through free courses, which in turn can help them secure more higher paying wages and good quality jobs.”
Aswani Dolly

Williamson Sintyl – US

This 27-year-old miraculously survived the devastating earthquake in his homeland Haiti in 2010. He says that though he moved to the US five years ago to go to school, Haiti never left his heart.

His dream: He virtually shared his dream of opening a mentoring facility to help lead Haitians to a good career path.

Mars Shot Winner Williamson Sintyl

“I was given so many opportunities that helped me succeed. So, I searched for ways I could teach these same things and give more opportunities to my fellow Haitians.”
Williamson Sintyl

He and his wife are already spearheading an initiative ‘Arise,’ where Haitians mentor people in their community. With his wish being fulfilled, it will help with a proper facility and resources required to expand the initiative and reach more people in need.

Congratulations to these selfless dreamers who are about to embark on their dream journeys.