Bahraini organizations win big at WITSA awards for IT excellence

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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Four Bahrain-based organizations have won the World Alliance for Information Technology and Services (WITSA) awards, which marks a new global gain for the IT industry of the country.

WITSA recognized the e-Government Authority, the Tender Board, Atyaf Company, and the “Ra’edat” platform for their excellence in the IT sector.

Founded in 1978, WITSA is a leading association of members of the information and communications technology (ICT) industry associations, comprising more than 80 countries around the world.

Members of this union represent over 90 percent of the IT market and global communications and the ITU Awards have been one of its most popular programs for more than 20 years.

The achievement helps the country to bolster the position of its IT industry globally. At the same time, it confirms the competitiveness of the products of this Bahraini industry, said the statement from Bahrain Society for Technology Companies (BTECH), which nominated these entities for the award.

Ubaydli Ubaydli
Ubaydli Ubaydli
BTECH Society

“What these Bahraini governmental institutions and those belonging to the private sector have achieved reveals their ability to enter the markets of this industry equipped with standard competitive capabilities on the international level and confirms the Bahraini market’s ability to breed emerging institutions and perhaps small or medium ones that possess the leadership qualities that qualify them to compete in global competitions in a sector teeming with similar countries from countries that have come a long way in this field.”

According to Mr. Ubaydli, this recognition would also shed light on the extent of development strides made by the information and communication technology sector in Bahrain.

“It benefits from four fundamental pillars: the well-established infrastructure of the information and communication network, the availability of competencies, the provision of the necessary appropriate legislation that regulates the local market, and the availability of qualified human cadres to innovate and provide products and services that keep pace with national interactions towards digital transformation and increase the private sector’s contribution to the GDP as an authentic partner in the policy of diversifying sources of income,” Mr. Ubaydli added.

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