EXEED Showcases Impressive Lineup at Exclusive Test Drive Event

By Amirtha P S, Desk Reporter
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EXEED Test Drive Event

Test drive event featured off-road, comprehensive, and racing experiences, showcasing the all-terrain capabilities of models like the RX, VX, and TXL. Participants received in-depth training and provided valuable feedback for future R&D, emphasizing EXEED’s user-first approach.

On April 20th and 21st, EXEED held a test drive event in Wuhu, welcoming dealers and media representatives from around the world to gain firsthand experience of their vehicles’ performance and driving characteristics. The event featured an extensive selection of EXEED models, including the E03 sedan and E0Y SUV on display, as well as the RX and VX SUVs, with various test drive programs in off-road, comprehensive, and racing experience areas to fully demonstrate their capabilities.

Upon entering the display area, attendees were immediately captivated by the sleek design and sculpted coupe shape of the E03. As a performance-oriented premium model, the E03 boasts an ultra-low wind resistance coefficient, setting a new benchmark in aerodynamics for intelligent electric luxury sedans. Also on display was the E0Y, a B-class pure electric SUV with a nearly 5-meter body length, designed to complement the E03’s focus on performance by emphasizing space and ride comfort.

EXEED Test Drive Event

The test drive venue, spanning over 40,000 square meters, featured three distinct test drive areas: off-road, comprehensive, and racing experiences. The off-road area showcased the vehicles’ all-terrain capabilities, including side slope, hump, double-bridge breakaway group, and cross-axle tests. The comprehensive experience area provided a variety of road simulations such as U-bend, S-pile, 8-way pile, and speed bumps, while the racing experience area offered thrilling straight-line acceleration, emergency braking, and shock absorption tests.

Prior to the test drives, EXEED’s instructors prepared participants with comprehensive training on vehicle operation, safety precautions, and performance features. Demonstrations of proper driving techniques ensured participants’ safety and enjoyment during the test drive experience.

EXEED Test Drive EventA key product featured during the test drive was the RX, which embraces the “Art of Light” design concept, offering an elegant exterior, exceptional driving quality, and a luxurious cabin. Participants had the opportunity to test the RX’s off-road capabilities, exploring its powerful 2.0T engine and 400N·m torque output, CDC “magnetic suspension” system, and “All Terrain” intelligent four-wheel drive system, enabling them to confidently navigate challenging terrain.

In addition to the RX, attendees experienced the cutting-edge VX and TXL models. The VX’s impressive power and advanced technology were showcased in the Racing Experience Zone, highlighting the 2.0T+8AT engine and 24 Active Assist Driving Technologies. The TXL, with its smooth intelligent start/stop functionality and outstanding performance metrics, allowed participants to enjoy precise steering and stable high-speed lane changes in the integrated experience area, redefining the premium driving experience offered by EXEED.

Emphasizing a user-first philosophy, the EXEED team is dedicated to incorporating participant feedback into future research and development efforts to continuously optimize product design and service offerings. EXEED represents not just a car brand, but a shared automotive culture, and through ongoing innovation and breakthroughs, the company is committed to introducing superior products that meet and exceed users’ expectations for the ultimate driving experience.

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