EXEED steals the limelight in Qatar, Leaves visitors amazed of its Luxury

“Look up at the starry sky and Explore the vast journey”

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Vehicle from EXEED
Representational Image | Image Courtesy: EXEED

Ever since its birth, the rising star in the global high-end automobile market, EXEED, the automaker has evoked substantial attention and appreciation from users across the globe.

EXEED has been greatly praised for its inheritance of the European automobile culture, dependency on cutting-edge and bold design, luxury interior decoration and its leadership in human-vehicle interaction intelligent technology.

The German city of Munich, which houses EXEED’s European research and development center, has brought together close to 100 global elites in automotive research and development and is witnessing the genesis of new automobile design philosophy in the exchange of technology, art and culture.

EXEED logo
Luminated EXEED logo | Image Courtesy: EXEED

Pathbreaking Alliances 

EXEED’s strategic collaboration with US-based Quantum LLC, the technical layout of European research and development center and its cooperation with leading European and American partners has enabled the automaker to build strong capabilities in technology platform development and expansion, all while exploring automobile design and manufacturing on the centenary basis of European automobile industry.

The Middle Eastern Market

The Middle East, with its unique economic and cultural superiority has always been a strategically important region for luxury automobile brands.

All throughout its global expansion initiatives, EXEED has been pooling abundant user resources, empowering the automaker to have deep insights into the Middle East market, enabling it to offer luxury experience for users in the region.

Meanwhile, the strategic layout of EXEED’s “Greater Middle East ” has been carried out, contributing to the development of the brand in the region through “regional linkage”.

Product Experiences across the Middle East

EXEED along with its regional partners have been organizing several media appreciation meetings, debut exhibitions and other activities in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other supercities in the region.

Earlier this year, agent distributor of leading luxury automobile brands such as Rolls-Royce, BMW and Benz, Sanabel held a media appreciation meeting themed “Born to Be Extraordinary” for EXEED in Jeddah, the largest port city in Saudi Arabia, which is also known as the “Bride of the Red Sea”.

EXEED at Media Appreciation Event in KSA
Vehicle by EXEED on display at a media appreciation event in Saudi Arabia. | Image Courtesy: EXEED

In the massive Leylaty Hall of Saudi Arabia, the light and shadow refracted by the crystal chandelier shone upon the EXEED in the glass display cabinet, which echoes with the unique and noble temperament.

These events have enabled close to 100 present-day moguls from the mainstream media to have an immersive riding experience at the site and closely appreciated the appearance and interior of EXEED.

The first special exhibition for EXEED in Saudi Arabia was organized by Sanabel in April 2022 at the Riyadh Park Mall. The event not only satisfied EXEED’s followers in enjoying its elegant appearance closely, but also attracted the attention of thousands of people to the EXEED TXL and EXEED VX models on display at the high-end urban commercial complex.

The event was followed by the second special exhibition for the brand which was held at the Mall of Arabia in Jeddah in late April. Against the backdrop of the fashion and luxury shopping mall, EXEEDs on display highlighted their high end nature and elegance.

In line with its reputation of offering high-end and luxurious experiences to users at its launch events, EXEED held an exhibition at Avenues Mall, the most luxurious mall in Kuwait.

At the event, Alghanim Industries, the largest private company in the Gulf Region introduced EXEED to the Kuwaiti automobile market.

EXEED at Media Appreciation Event in Avenues Mall, Kuwait
Vehicle by EXEED on display at a media appreciation event in Avenues Mall, Kuwait. | Image Courtesy: EXEED

In the unveiling ceremony, the elegant music of violin swirled around the dazzling EXEED, attracting pedestrians to stop and take photos.

The event was also covered by journalists from top 5 media outlets, automobile reviewers, artists and other attendees from different industries and fields who experienced a test drive and posted videos on social media platforms to share their feedback where they used words like “Artist”, “Unique Experience” and “Amazing” to articulate their experiences.

Earlier this month, EXEED made its first appearance at Qatar’s Doha Festival City, a high-end commercial building of modern civilization, where the automaker displayed its “innovative and exploring” design style.

Aligning with its vision of integrating traditional arts and modern elements, featuring “high-end and artistic,” EXEED will attempt to sponsor Qatar International Art Festival, held in October 2022 to support the development of Qatar’s art.

In the future, EXEED will make its debuts in many other cities and create a matrix luxury brand effect, so as to provide ultimate product experience and high-end service for users wherever they are in the Middle East.

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