EXEED’s “Greater Middle East” Strategy gets a boost with much awaited UAE launch

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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EXEED VX_C-NCAP Test Results

EXEED, the rising star in the global luxury automobiles segment has been the talk of the town ever since its cars debuted across the globe with users praising its new and bold design, luxurious and high-quality interior trim and cutting-edge intelligent technology for human-vehicle interaction.

After successfully launching in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Middle East countries, luxury cars from EXEED will soon hit the streets of the UAE, offering a boost to its “Greater Middle East” strategy.

Leading Technology at the Core 

EXEED is a luxury brand for the global high-end market based on first-class design and leading technology which is backed by international R&D, design and marketing teams. Committed to the ultimate pursuit of high quality, the automaker has set up a European R&D center in Munich, Germany, where it houses hundreds of designers and engineers from automobile majors such as BMW and Jaguar Land Rover boasting first-class European qualifications and rich experience.

In an attempt to reinforce rich capabilities in technical platform development and expansion, EXEED has also partnered with American Quantum LLC and top suppliers in Europe and America.

By learning from the century-long experience of the European automotive industry, EXEED is continuously exploring the boundaries of automotive design and manufacturing based on the concept of “Born For More”.

EXEED has developed three product series, VX, TXL and LX, catering to different tastes of users.


EXEED VX Series of Cars
XEED VX Series | Image Courtesy: EXEED UAE

With the keynote of “More Space + More Power + More Premium”, the VX Series boasts a length of nearly 5 meters and a wheelbase of nearly 3 meters to provide a luxurious seven-seat driving space, intelligent 4WD system of BorgWarner, three rows of yacht-class panoramic windows, head-up display and 22 ADAS systems, with intelligent driver assistance functions highlighting the luxurious flagship design.


EXEED TXL Series of Cars
EXEED TXL Series | Image Courtesy: EXEED UAE

Emphasizing on “More Beautiful + More Safety”, the TXL Series interprets the concepts of a full-scene Super 5-star SUV with super 5-star safety, super 5-star intelligence, super 5-star space, super 5-star appearance and Super 5-star quality.


EXEED LX Series of Cars
EXEED LX Series | Image Courtesy: EXEED UAE

The LX Series adopts the concept of “More Fashion + More Intelligent”, providing a new experience of fashion and intelligence, in which the powerful engine can achieve the fastest acceleration in its class for 0-100 km acceleration in only 8.8s, as well as boast the lowest fuel consumption of 6.9L in its class.

Global Recognition 

EXEED’s excellent performance and quality have enabled it to gain widespread recognition from customers in the Middle East after launching in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Middle East countries, resulting in tremendous sales in the market.

With its good reputation and excellent performance, EXEED can compete with BMW, Toyota Land Cruiser and other luxury products head-on.

The Middle East 

By the force of its unique economic and cultural advantages, the Middle East has always been a hub for luxury car brands.

By entering UAE, EXEED will further gain in-depth insight into the Middle East market and provide more Middle East customers with new choices of luxury cars. In this regard, EXEED has also actively conducted a lot of localized adaptation tests and development for the Middle East market, so as to fully meet the demands of Middle East customers.

For example, because of the year-round high temperature in the Middle East, with extremely high temperatures of 70℃, EXEED has added additional rear air vents and an electrodeless fan to dissipate heat for the engine.

Meanwhile, for the purpose of conforming to the local oil characteristics, EXEED has adjusted the engine ECU parameters to ensure power supply and regarding the dressing habits of local users, EXEED has developed a robe anti-pinch function so as to give real-time alerts to the doors in case of accidents.

Along with the entry into the UAE market, EXEED’s “Greater Middle East” strategy has been established as scheduled, and the automaker will achieve much more development in the Middle East through its “regional cooperation”.

Looking forward, EXEED will make its debut in many other cities in the Middle East and create a matrix luxury brand effect, offering the ultimate product experience and high-end service for users wherever they are in the Middle East.

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