Could you be an ‘active couch potato’? Yes, experts say so

By Sayujya S, Desk Reporter
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Do you sit for long hours?

A sedentary lifestyle is harmful to your health in more ways than one. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of chronic conditions including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension and more.

It can also affect your mental health and increase the risk of depression and anxiety. Every year March 4th is observed as World Obesity Day and it is common knowledge that not moving enough also leads to weight gain and obesity which is also a risk factor for several diseases.

Is just working out enough?

It is often advised to maintain optimum levels of physical activity throughout the day. One of the common misconceptions is that if you are working out every morning, it is enough to counter the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Someone following this routine is known as an active couch potato.

Active couch potato

An active couch potato is a term used for those who hit the gym or exercise daily but spend maximum of the other wake hours sitting. Sitting for long hours is associated with several health issues including a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. You might also experience poor mood due to prolonged sitting. It can also become difficult to regulate your blood pressure when you are an active couch potato. For effective weight loss too, staying physically active is crucial.

Nutritionist and fitness experts say that “Most of us are seated throughout the day. Even if you are working out each morning and get back to a sedentary lifestyle for the rest of the day. It will not help you prevent the side effects of prolonged sitting.”

“Current studies have highlighted that if you are sitting throughout the day or not moving enough, it is not good for your health even if you are exercising. As an active couch potato, you will end up having all the health risk linked with an inactive lifestyle, including the risk of diseases and weight gain,” they add.

Keep moving!

They point out that moving throughout the day is necessary along with daily exercise. You should not sit for long hours in a place. You need to follow a mindful routine. For every 30 minutes of sitting, you should take a moving break. You can go for a small walk or stretch for at least two minutes.

So, have you been sitting for too long? Go, take a break!

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