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IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
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Air pollution rises risk of obesity in middle aged-women; Study

A new study from the University of Michigan suggests that apart from eating unhealthy diets and failing to exercise regularly, there is another factor...

Eating high-fat diet may expand waistline & shrink cognitive functions

Eating fatty foods may not only add to the waistline but also play havoc with the brain, found a new international study led by...

Extra salt in food might result in higher risk of dying...

People who add extra salt to their food at the table are at higher risk of dying prematurely from any cause, according to a...

Vegan Children have similar nutritional growth to those who eat meat;...

Children who eat a vegetarian diet has similar measures of growth and nutrition compared to those who eat meat, according to a new study...

Living around greenery may reduce depression & improve cognitive function; Study

Increasing greenspace in residential areas could help improve cognition function in middle-aged women which might result in reducing depression, which is a risk factor...

Link between bad cholesterol & cardiovascular disease weak; Study

In a recent study, the researchers at RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences have found that the connection between 'bad' cholesterol (LDL-C) and...

Arthritis drug can be lifesaver for severe COVID-19 patients; UK study

The American pharmaceutical company, Eli Lilly and the global biopharmaceutical company, Incyte's arthritis drug baricitinib has helped to reduce the risk of death in...

Low-meat or no-meat diet can lower risk of cancer; Study

According to a new study published in the open-access journal 'BMC Medicine', switching to a no-meat or low-meat diet can reduce the risk of...
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