DIFC sets up new taskforce for better resolution and development

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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DIFC Dubai International Financial Centre
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The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts has initiated a new Arbitration Working Group, which is a panel of experts that aims to strengthen and share developments and best practices.

The DIFC Courts have addressed various arbitrations across the world and the institution has expanded its operations several times due to a higher number of commercial dispute parties approaching for negotiations. 

The Arbitration Division

As a part of this expansion, the Arbitration Division was set up in February 2020, to address the high number of applications for dispute or difference settlement. Similar to the Technology & Construction Division (TCD) set up in 2017, the new division is also chaired by Justice Shamlan Al Sawalehi.

The Arbitration Division is dedicated to judicial and registry oversight and case management expertise and it has resulted in increased effectiveness of the process, with rapid review procedure of applications for short term relief measures.

Lawyers, law firms and organizations can make the best use of the DIFC Courts by including the court’s jurisdiction into their contracts for negotiations. For arbitration-related disputes, the institution can be selected as a default supervisory court. 

Zaki Azmi Image
Zaki Azmi
Chief Justice – DIFC Courts

“Our long-term vision is to work closely with as many experts and industry-specific organizations to gain a better understanding of how we can adjust and modify our Court services to better assist those with arbitration-related disputes.”

Adoption of Technology

During the pandemic, the Court carried out all its functions by enabling advanced technology infrastructure, which can be accessed through smartphones, tablets or desktop devices. 

In the past few months, the new Arbitration Division has heard dispute cases through teleconference and released Court Orders digitally while the new task force made its inaugural meeting via video conference on October 1.

In 2016, the court became the region’s first fully digital functioning e-Courtroom and Case Management System and in 2018 it secured the recognition for becoming the first ‘paperless’ e-bundling solution in Dubai.