Abu Dhabi International Airport to initiate AI powered smart travel service

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) is initiating the trial of an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered ‘Smart Travel’ system in collaboration with ConvergentAI to reduce queues and initiate smoothness in the airport processes and enhance the customer experience.

The smart system utilizes big data, AI and the rigorous modeling and assessment of passenger traffic to execute various procedures across the airport from check-in and immigration to passenger arrival and departure.

As a part of the trial, AUH will select a certain number of passengers who are traveling with Etihad Airways and an optimal time will be informed to them to arrive at the airport. Thus the smart system will help to reduce crowds created by a high number of passengers, maintain social distancing and shorten queues.

The airport authority hopes that over a period of time the AI-powered system continues to operate and it will become smarter and bring smoother passenger experience with the airport procedures.

Commenting on the innovative step the Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Airport Shareef Al Hashmi stated that the Smart Travel system by AUH is a notable step in the path of the airport’s continuous growth and innovation in shaping the future airport.

John Barton
John Barton
Chief Information Officer – AUH

“Minimizing queuing at airports is key to safeguarding passenger health and well-being and streamlining operations, which is why we are working with our airline partners and ConvergentAI to precisely model our passengers’ journeys and improve them at every step. By enabling passengers to quickly and seamlessly transition through check-in, immigration and boarding, we are providing them with more time to enjoy everything Abu Dhabi International Airport has to offer.”

With the initiation of AI technology at AUH, the airlines, retailers, as well as employees working at the airport, will be benefited in a number of ways. The airport authority has employed AI to monitor real-time imagery of aircraft, special programs have been created to train the on-ground team for certain actions like unloading of luggage or the refueling of an aircraft at optimal times.

Abu Dhabi International Airport is also working on incorporating AI into its safety and security systems, allowing automated monitoring of camera feeds of the airport apron, the area in which aircraft maneuver and park. An AI-equipped system can also help to detect irregular activity or objects and inform the relevant teams to address the issue efficiently.