EXEED’s EXLANTIX Electric Range Revolution: E03 Emerges as NEO Elite’s Top Pick

By Salma C, Intern Reporter
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EXEED unveils high-end electric range EXLANTIX at Shanghai Auto Show, featuring E03 sedan & E0Y SUV for NEO Elite customers; offering advanced tech, 700km+ range, and sleek design.

On April 18, EXEED showcased its high-end battery electric range EXLANTIX at Automobile Shanghai 2023. The E03 sedan and E0Y SUV were introduced as the latest offerings for NEO Elite customers. Qin Chao, EXEED’s general manager, expressed the brand’s excitement for the new range, emphasizing its advanced technology.

EXLANTIXQin Chao elaborated on three reasons for launching EXLANTIX: the shift in vehicle purchasing concepts, the growing market share of new energy in luxury automobiles, and the electrification of the entire industry. EXEED has gained valuable experience serving high-end users worldwide, which is now applied to their new energy vehicles. With Chery Automobile’s 20+ years of technological expertise, EXLANTIX boasts a driving range of over 700 km, offering an improved, comfortable experience for global high-end users.

The E03 sedan, “Designed by the Wind,” features a design concept based on wind’s natural power, resulting in dynamic contours and simple lines. This integration of sedan shape and fluidity creates a unique wind aesthetic. The E03’s sliding back shape has a wind resistance coefficient of just 0.21, reducing interior noise and providing a quiet driving experience.

In addition to its striking appearance, the E03 utilizes advanced EIC technology to achieve more than 700 km of range and support 800V high-voltage fast charging. Built on the E0X electric platform, it can accelerate from 0-100 km in just 3 seconds, delivering thrilling driving pleasure.
EXLANTIXEXEED’s future plans include continued dedication to providing top-tier products and services, allowing more users to enjoy the electric mobility experience offered by EXLANTIX. As the range becomes available in overseas markets, events will be held in major cities worldwide, showcasing EXEED’s commitment to clean energy and natural harmony.

While the UAE market currently focuses on the VX, TXL, and LX launches, EXEED is eager to introduce its pure electric series to the region. This will enable UAE consumers to experience the design and comfort of the new EXEED series, expanding the brand’s global impact.

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