New 5 riyal polymer banknotes unveiled by Saudi Arabia

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Saudi Polymer Note
Saudi Arabia Polymer Banknote front image

Saudi Arabia has become the first Arab country to create and distribute polymer banknotes.

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) declared the release of a Saudi currency five-riyal note made of polymer. This was a move towards creating the new national currency, SAMA said.

The design and colors of the five-riyal polymer note were identical to those of the same cotton paper note presently in use, considering the various processing methods and technical requirements, as well as the safety marks for this section.

The new five-riyal note is made of materials containing “safety technology” and “safe and more environmentally friendly” materials.

In addition to the five-riyal note currently in use and the remaining currency of the sixth edition of the banknotes in use, the initial amounts of the new note will be provided for exchange as the official legal currency.

The Saudi Monetary Agency has stated that the latest five-riyal denomination has been printed in compliance with the latest polymer currency printing standards and is labeled with ‘high-quality security marks.’

Saudi Arabia Polymer Banknote image
Saudi Arabia Polymer Banknote backside image

The note was also built to handle various conditions, such as varying temperatures and humidity, and when folded, not to be harmed. Saudi petrochemical materials were used to produce the new note, which is also resistant to dirt.

In addition to the shape of the transparent window containing themes inspired by the logo of Saudi Vision 2030, the design of this currency includes on its face a picture of King Salman and a picture of the Shaybah field in the Empty Quarter. A view of wildflowers from the Kingdom was included on the back of the note.