Qatar Labor Ministry upgrades employment contract authentication e-service

By Shilpa Annie Joseph, Official Reporter
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Qatar’s Ministry of Labour has upgraded the e-service to authenticate employment contracts, enabling the contracts to be checked automatically within minutes after completing the authentication request.

The new automated contract auditing service includes all work contracts, with the exception of work contracts for specialized professions that require auditing of professional certificates. This new service is part of MOL’s efforts to develop and streamline authentication procedures.

According to the statement, “The process of electronic auditing contract service is subject to the criteria specified in the Labor Law and all ministerial decisions regulating the authentication of work contracts, as the new service will expedite the process, in addition to ensuring that contracts conform to all specified standards and are conducted electronically.”

Abdullah Al Dosari
Abdullah Al Dosari
Director – Labour Relations Department

“The new service will enable companies to benefit from the automated contract auditing and authentication service directly and quickly by applying electronically, on all days of the week, provided that it complies with the criteria specified following the law, pointing out that the process of contract authentication and auditing is done at the same time as the application is submitted promptly. The electronic certification service in an integrated manner for the work contract has been able, since its launch in June 2020, to authenticate nearly 900,000 contracts electronically without the need to review government service centers, pointing out that the electronic contract authentication service contributed to reducing the time for authentication remarkably.”

Mr. Al Dosari explained that the process of automatically auditing contracts will be very accurate so that no part of the contract will be discarded or skipped, noting that the goal of those services is to speed up and facilitate the implementation of transactions for the public.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Labor seeks to launch a comprehensive electronic system for all the services it provides during the forthcoming period, especially for companies that are committed to the provisions of the law. The ministry currently provides several electronic services, including fast-tracking of labor visas, updating facility data, authenticating work contracts, and other electronic services.

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