Saudi’s BossBunny Games partners with Lammtara to develop electronic games

By Rahul Vaimal, Associate Editor
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Video Games
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Saudi Arabia-based mobile game developer and publisher BossBunny Games has signed an agreement with reputed Emirati production studio, Lammtara to develop and publish electronic games inspired by Lammtara’s works starting with the popular series Freej.

This deal helps to create a model to stimulate further investments in the rising gaming industry while also enhancing the local culture through the games.

The announcement was made in the presence of the Cabinet member and Minister for Culture and Youth, Noura Bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, and the UAE Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Shakhbout Bin Nahyan.

This unique bilateral partnership will deepen economic cooperation between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and help to acquire the Gulf region’s share of digital technology, especially in the digital games sector. This partnership will serve as a stimulus for the entire digital sector. It will turn the Middle East region with rapid technological developments to become a frontrunner in creating video games for a global audience.

Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi Image
Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi
UAE Minister of Youth & Culture

“Electronic games have become one of the most rapidly emerging creative industries and contribute to massive investments which lead to great economic development for countries. These are sustainable sectors with continued growth potential at an accelerated pace year-after-year. Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia possess young creative talents and great capabilities in the electronic games industry, and with such developments, these will further expand the region’s reach and positive influence.”

“We welcome this partnership as it offers strong prospects to empower university talent and groom them in the field of innovation, production and design to become future entrepreneurs. Our dream is to see them propagate local culture and heritage to an international audience,” added Ms. Al Kaabi.

Sheikh Shakhbout Bin Nahyan, UAE Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said, “Saudi Arabia and the UAE have built a formidable model of strong economic understanding and cooperation in several business sectors.”

Mr. Shakhbout considers this as a milestone development that would unlock competitive benefits for both Saudi Arabia and the UAE and highlight the regional culture in unique ways worldwide. He appreciated the collaborative efforts made to sign this major agreement which was made possible by a shared interest in the artistic and electronic gaming industries.

“The ongoing partnership and development between Saudi Arabia and the UAE represent the most prominent model of brotherhood and strategic partnership,” he further added.

Aziza Al Ahmadi, chair of the Board of Directors and founder of BossBunny Games, said, “With this cooperation, we will take a significant step to realize the vision of the leadership of the two countries to be the innovators and transform the region into a digital economy powered by our youth’s passion and in turn acquire a significant share of the growing electronic games sector, in addition to catering to today’s lifestyle, where games represent a necessary part.”

“The agreement is the epitome of a major turning point for the games industry in the region and its global launch platform. This new industry offers a large number of career opportunities, now and in the future as an integrated and interconnected chain,” said Mr. Al Ahmadi.

Mohamed Saeed Hareb, founder and CEO of Lammtara Art Studio, said, “Lammtara’s mission is to create and tell inspiring, magical stories, with class-leading production values and intuitive designs. We are delighted with our partnership with a global electronic games developer in Dubai to take our popular Emirati characters and heritage to a larger audience globally through games on smart devices. I am sure this partnership will bring a lot to the entertainment world in the region as well as globally.”

“The cooperation has boosted the attractiveness of the region as an investment destination in various fields, especially in digital and modern technologies, and we hope that this agreement will be a high-quality addition to this string of achievements,” he concluded.

The BossBunny group consists of a group of experts from the Arab countries and the world, who work together to support the cause of the Arab world’s gaming industry.

Other works by Lammtara include the Freej series, the 3D educational series “Siraj”, Mendos, the only children’s series dedicated to the heritage of the UAE in the Emirates, the Book of Mysteries cartoon competition program and so on.