Shutterstock ImageAI; A Generative AI model powered by Databricks for enterprise

By Arya M Nair, Official Reporter
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Shutterstock ImageAI launched
Rep.Image | Courtesy: Shutterstock

Shutterstock, Inc., a leading global creative platform, and Databricks, the Data and AI company, have launched Shutterstock ImageAI, Powered by Databricks, a text-to-image Generative AI model optimized for enterprise use.

Built using the advanced capabilities of Databricks Mosaic AI and trained exclusively on Shutterstock’s world-class image repository, ImageAI generates customized, high-fidelity, trusted images that are tailored to specific business needs.

When organizations need high-quality images for their collateral, websites, applications, or campaigns, team members have historically had only a few options: identify an appropriate image from a repository of licensed assets or embark on a production effort. Today, they might turn to AI-generated images, but those models are often trained on data that may not meet enterprise standards like Shutterstock’s data does. Further, such models may not be integrated into enterprise applications, which means they lack the necessary data governance and observability corporations require.

ImageAI addresses these challenges by enabling companies to use AI to quickly and confidently create new high-resolution, photorealistic images that are commercially viable because the model was trained entirely on Shutterstock’s trusted collection of curated images.

This high-quality image generation model was built on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform with Mosaic AI tooling. Leveraging the security, reliability, and speed of Mosaic AI Model Training, Shutterstock and Databricks pre-trained ImageAI from scratch in weeks. Additionally, Databricks customers can serve ImageAI with Mosaic AI Model Serving to easily integrate the model with their existing enterprise-wide data governance policies.

Aimee Egan_Shutterstock ImageAI launched
Aimee Egan
Chief Enterprise Officer

“Shutterstock is excited to partner with Databricks to bring ImageAI to life. This collaboration underscores our commitment to advancing responsible AI and providing our customers with innovative tools that enhance their creative workflows. Whether for marketing, design, or product needs, ImageAI creates trusted visuals that businesses can own. It also offers unparalleled customization and safety for enterprise use, and customers can be protected by Shutterstock indemnification. It represents a significant step forward in the integration of AI in content creation.”

“At Databricks, we believe that companies can and should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to building their own custom GenAI models on their data. Shutterstock offers one of the most comprehensive visual datasets in the world and we’re thrilled they chose to build their production-quality, text-to-image model on top of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. We already have trained thousands of custom models for our customers, and we expect many more leaders like Shutterstock to build models powered by Databricks that they can provide as a service,” said Naveen Rao, Vice President of AI at Databricks.

Benefits of Shutterstock ImageAI, Powered by Databricks include:

  • Trusted outputs: Organizations can generate images that meet their requirements with the confidence that the model was trained completely on Shutterstock’s proprietary and vetted image repository, and Shutterstock customers will also have the option to receive indemnification on outputs for added protection.
  • Adaptable to unique business requirements: Within seconds, organizations can generate a net new high-quality image for their unique requirements. In the future, organizations can fine-tune the model with their corporate brand identity using Databricks Mosaic AI Model Training to generate images unique to their company’s look and feel.
  • Secure integration with your enterprise applications: ImageAI is available in Databricks, which means enterprises can integrate the model as an API call into their applications while benefiting from automatic governance and monitoring.

Enterprises seeking to differentiate themselves in a similar fashion and deliver unique experiences for their customers with Generative AI can efficiently build their own custom models using the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform.

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