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IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
IDC MEA CIO Summit 2023
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UAE to cut 25% carbon emission by 2030; Reaffirms Paris Agreement...

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai, has affirmed the...

World turns to carbon pricing to curb emissions and save the...

Some of the world's largest economies are putting a price on pollution as they struggle to fulfill grand promises to control planet-warming emissions. Things are...

Plug-in hybrid cars emit more CO2 than advertised; Tests find

According to tests conducted by the European campaign group Transport and Environment (T&E), the plug-in hybrid cars emit far more CO2 (Carbon-dioxide) than advertised,...

Global energy sector needs a transition to sustainability: Aramco executive

The mass production, storage and global distribution of any successful vaccine for COVID-19 would depend on the energy sector, says Ahmad Al-Khowaiter, chief technology...

Global bank ING makes progress on carbon-reduction lending efforts

The global banking solution ING has reduced its lending to power industries linked with carbon-emission, cut down it’s funding to coal-fired power plants by...

Dubai reduced carbon emission in 2019

Dubai cut carbon emissions by more than 14 million tons in 2019, a 22 percent reduction, reports say. The findings came after an online meeting...
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